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Ninjja Global Investigates Ways to Inspire Sales Representatives in the Field

Press release   •   Mar 22, 2018 12:18 GMT

Miami’s direct sales and marketing experts, Ninjja Global have recently put a strong focus on their business development program that is designed to educate and propel the experiences of their contractors. As such, the firm has responded to an article on ways to continue to inspire sales representatives while in the field.

Ninjja Global: Meet the CEO.

Ensure the entire company gets excited about achievements is essential in our culture states Ninjja Global. By creating a company culture that focuses on a combined celebration of a specific group of people is an original way to open communication on techniques and tactics. Such a conventional practice as this will also enhance interest in company performance competition in the understanding of a company-wide appreciation of those at all levels.

By ensuring that new contractors starting out in the field are rewarded for sales, victories is essential in continuing to inspire not only the new sales representatives but also those already in the position. By running monthly or quarterly incentives intended to reward individuals with the highest performance records will enable a sense of friendly competition amongst the workforce.

A company culture that has a strong focus on feedback is essential in creating a confident and inspired workforce states Ninjja Global. As a reputable business, the company understands that feedback motivates individuals, and that feedback is more welcome from peers over leadership. By generating a system of peer feedback, all individuals will feel valued, experienced and more inclined to put 100% into every campaign.

Ninjja Global consistently aim to inspire their sales force through their business development program, which provides them with the tools to experience the industry and build essential skills and qualities. Ninjja Global has seen recent success with a number of their contractors excelling in sales figures and many graduates of their business development program that are now in line for initiating their own companies.

Based in Miami, Ninjja Global Inc. Is a face-to-face marketing company that uses events to raise brand awareness on behalf of its clients, and their combat strategy guarantees them a higher return on investment through direct marketing campaigns.



Managing Director: Simone Suetsugu

Our combat strategy gives our clients increased market share by improving their customer acquisition rates, saving them time and money. Ninjja Global Inc. will not use any traditional forms of advertisements that tend to cost companies thousands or even millions of dollars instead, the Ninjja Sensei face-to-face method will be implemented to provide a cost effective yet thoroughly advanced marketing strategy for your brand.