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Ninjja Global Responds to Miami High School Graduate Topping Forbes Richest List

Press release   •   Mar 16, 2018 13:05 GMT

Ninjja Global is the Miami based outsourced sales and marketing experts that are seeing continued success in their native state. As such, the firm has responded to recent reports that Miami High School graduate Jeff Bezos has now officially topped the Forbes richest list.

Ninjja Global: Meet the CEO

Jeff Bezos is the founder and acting CEO of Amazon, and the entrepreneur also owns the Washington Post and Whole Foods. The businessman is only 54 and boasts the first 12-figure net worth ever recorded by Forbes. An estimation by the publication states a jump of $39 billion in one year alone. This year’s richest list similarly hosts a variety of other Miami-based entrepreneurs including Robert Rich, Jr (Frozen Foods) and George Lindemann (Palm Beach Investments).

Jeff Bezos has worked in a variety of industries including working on the country's infamous Wall Street before founding Amazon in 1994. The company has as of recently delved into a range of further services, including audio and video after cementing themselves as an online retailer.

The past year has seen the Forbes publication boast an impressive record of over 2,200 billionaires, ranging from a vast 72 countries. The company details how the combined earnings of the World's Richest List, 2018 is upwards of $9.1 trillion, working on an average of $4.1billion.

Ninjja Global has been established in Miami since their inception and is proud to be based in the business hub where many young entrepreneurs set up their business ventures. The firm is pleased to hear the news of Jeff Bezos and his recent accolade, cementing Miami as a substantial business capital. Ninjja Global are hopeful that many other young aspiring entrepreneurs will start their businesses in Miami, adding to the city's booming economy, an attraction for both tourists and entrepreneurs.

Ninjja Global are excited for their future, having a variety of business development programs in place for their contractors and the business as a whole. The firm is eager to continue their development in Miami with the acquisition of new clients, aspiring entrepreneurs and their continued relationships with consumers.


Managing Director: Simone Suetsugu

Based in Miami, Ninjja Global Inc. Is a face-to-face marketing company that uses events to raise brand awareness on behalf of its clients, and our combat strategy guarantees them a higher return on investment through direct marketing campaigns.