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No change for Keypoints loyal customers

Press Release   •   Sep 08, 2010 08:30 BST

Kent, England (Mynewsdesk) 8 September - Customers (now that’s a word the other business communications companies seem to have forgotten the meaning of. Remember when “customer” meant “someone you would do anything to please”?) are still reaping the benefits of 30 day fixed term rolling contracts; no minimum call charges; no hidden connection fees or “equipment hire charges”; and no packages forcing them to buy a load of useless, expensive stuff just to get the one function they actually want. It’s business as usual, here in Faversham, with cheap calls coming as standard on all business communications packages and everything else, from call forwarding and professional voicemail right the way through to hyper technological Internet based call management systems available on a pay if you use basis.

Keypoint whose latest batch of industry shaking goodies includes call forwarding services, professional voicemail, fully functional vPBX systems and a wealth of features so exhaustive it would take a book just to list them all and proving cheap calls are not the start and finish of this revolution.

With most of Keypoint’s business telecoms packages there are no excuses being made for their prices. Meaning no excuses (like the typical “well, you have to buy this in order to have that” excuse so frequently levied by BT) are necessary. Keypoint will sell a business what that business wants to be sold – and they won’t hang around with their hands out for the next two years, either. Keypoint are so confident in the excellence and good pricing of all their business communications options that they allow their customers (that word again) to leave whenever they like. All a business has to do, if it wants to go elsewhere, is give 30 days notice before it checks its cheap business calls, call forwarding and professional voicemail at the door. Tellingly, no one ever has. Why would they? When the Faversham folk have given them all they need, at the price they want, what would be the point in going anywhere else.

In this industry, terms and conditions, which are better known as truth and lies are somewhat misleading. Keypoint’s terms and conditions are simple – and, unlike everyone else’s, not excuses for smuggling in a lot of hidden costs. Stay with us for 30 days, they say, and leave whenever you like. Oh – and don’t pay for anything you don’t actually use. Compare that business communications manifesto with a company like BT, whose terms and conditions nail users of their “cheap calls” (they aren’t) tariffs, professional voicemail and call forwarding systems to a structure of half truths and hidden clauses so enormous it takes up more paper than an itemised phone bill.

Which, come to think of it, is a another thing those folk at Keypoint do so well. Free itemised billing, which means every customer can see how every penny was charged and why. Are you listening, BT?

Keypoint Communications and their child company Cheap Business Calls have developed a new, honest model for business call packages and phone systems.

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Keypoint Communications provide voice and data solutions to SME's. Using their own national network infrastructure they are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution using their own highly developed vPBX platform.

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