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No more Sleepless Nights with the Odd Mattress Company

Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2010 05:04 GMT

If you find it hard to go to bed and dread the walk up the stairs to go to sleep then look no further.

The Odd Mattress Company specialise in good handmade bespoke mattresses that are made to your needs and requirements and size, at an affordable price.

A mattress should be supportive and luxurious, not hard and not soft. At Odd mattress.co.uk a good mattress is able to mould itself to the contours of your shape, supporting your body in its correct posture, relaxing your muscles giving you the best night sleep in winks guaranteed.

They are so confident in their mattresses, they have a five year warranty so rest assured if you are not fully happy you can take it back.

It is incredibly important to have a quality mattress, as a poor one will result in a restless night, active muscles and poor posture.

Whether it’s long, short, broad or thin, they supply anything whatever statue; giving you a good night’s sleep.

They are all made using soft, natural and flexible materials with the utmost care so you get that luxurious feeling.

But you don't have to be odd sized, most of the customers are actually quite normal.

The Odd Mattress Company have a wide range of high quality products suitable to your every need from Long Mattresses, Bespoke Mattresses, Narrow Mattresses, Luxury Mattresses, Short Mattresses, Large Mattresses, Continental Mattresses, Unique Bed Bases and Odd Sized Mattresses

Don’t get cold feet when ordering your odd sized mattresses , visit www.oddmattress.co.uk for the best deals around and browse items and prices freely at your own leisure.

Located on Cumeragh Lane, Whittingham, Preston, telephone 01772 786666 for more information on odd sized mattresses.

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