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No Tears Onion Crop Oil from Gert Strand AB of Sweden a Huge Hit on Amazon UK

Press release   •   Feb 03, 2014 10:44 GMT

Noted Swedish brand Gert Strand AB has a rich history of introducing innovative products into the food and beverage industry. Their products are supplied to commercial users as well as retail buyers. One such desperately-needed product that is now available through Amazon UK is the
No Tears Onion Crop Oil (picture here) from Gert Strand AB of Sweden.

Anyone slicing through onions may have certainly prayed for an invention that stops their eyes from burning and watering during the slicing process. The No Tears Onion Crop Oil is just the invention to stop tears from rolling down one’s cheeks while cutting onions.

The No Tears Onion Crop Oil is available in 32 ml bottles with a pipette fitted on top of each bottle. A buyer will need to merely use the pipette to put a few drops on the blade of the knife before slicing any onion. Upon application, this product will instantly stop tearing or crying while slicing through several onions.

The company recommends applying 4 to 5 drops of this oil on each side of the knife blade before slicing onions. One needs to spread out the No Tears Oil on the blade of any knife with help from a paper towel for even distribution before usage.  

The No Tears Onion Crop Oil is made from 5 different oils that include oils from Sweden and Greece. Hence, other brands will not be able to copy this secret formula. The in-built pipette makes it easy to apply the drops on the knife blade without wasting any oil.

Buyers all over the UK can reap multiple benefits while buying the No Tears Onion Crop Oil in 32 ml bottles from Amazon UK. They will be able to receive a quality product that will solve the age-old problem of weeping when slicing onions. Amazon UK provides very quick deliveries as well as completely free shipping all over the UK when an order value from any customer touches 10 Pounds or more.    

Interested buyers can visit the following link at to view all details of this product and buy online…

For more information please contact:
Thomas Strom
Gert Strand AB
Box 50221
212 12 Malmo
Fax +46 40 183025


Gert Strand AB of Sweden was established in 1974 and is a dynamic company with a wide range of innovative products that are supplied to the beverage industry as well as to retail clients. Among their range of unique products are Turbo Yeast, Alco Base Turbo yeast, high alcohol fermentation technology with micro nutrients, and flavors for carbonated water for both consumers and the beverage industry. (The beverage industry website of Gert Strand AB is