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Nokia Unveil The Excellent X5 Handset

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2011 22:26 GMT

Nokia have taken the traditional concept of a mobile phone and turned it on its head with there eye catching new model, the X5. Available in a range of stylish colours, the phone is undoubtedly aimed at those who want a device that not only looks great, but also offers a good deal of functionality.

At 74.3 x 66.3 x 16.9mm, you can see from the measurements that the phone is nearly square in its shape, not only making it stand out from its competitors, but also allowing it to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand when in use. There is also good reason for the extra millimetres that the phone sports in its depth, and that is to allow a sliding Qwerty keypad to be hidden beneath the screen. The four rows of keys are well spaced out and easy to use. The LCD screen used on the phone measures nearly 2.4" and is capable of displaying a high quality resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, coupled with an impressive colour palette of 256 thousand. Although not stretching into the realms of smartphone models such as the Motorola Defy, the X5 still performs superbly as a feature phone and will serve its purpose perfectly for those who want a compact phone that looks great, without compromising on other features. Beneath the screen there is a row of 5 keys, with the central one being the 5 way navigational pad that is found on many Nokia models. Either side of this are the call and end keys as well as the home button and a music key.

As a multi media device, the Nokia X5 offers some great features. The device incorporates a 5 mega pixel camera, which is surprisingly high for a fashion phone and puts it in the same bracket as the likes of the HTC Desire. Thanks to an LED flash, pictures can look just as clear when lighting is less than ideal. If you need to capture film, then the X5 can shoot video at VGA resolution and 15 frames per second. Storage wise the handset offers just 200MB of internal storage, but there is a micro SD card slot which accepts cards up to 32GB, with a 2GB version supplied with the phone. Thanks to a 3.5mm headphone socket, you can listen to your audio files on your own choice of headphones, or should you choose you can even tune into radio broadcasts thanks to the RDS FM tuner.

The Nokia X5 not only performs well but steals the show with its modern looks, which are further enhanced by the exciting range of colours that are available.

The Nokia X5 and the Motorola Spice are coming soon.

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