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Nokia X2-01 – Basic Will Always Be Better

Press Release   •   Feb 23, 2011 14:45 GMT

Nokia designs handsets that cater to specific needs. They have created the X5, which will change the way you listen to music on smartphones. They designed a mobile phone that will make you enjoy more from multimedia with the N8. They have created a smartphone that is one of the most ideal for business with the E7. Now, they have created a handset that is ideal for basic use. This is the Nokia X2-01.

Since mobile technology has come a far way from its simple beginnings, the definition of basic use has now taken a whole new meaning. In the past, basic meant merely being able to text and call. Now, there is another feature that we look for. This is the ability to surf and visit websites.

One of the things we look for in the internet is chat. Instant messaging services give us another method of communicating with family and friends no matter where they are in the world. With the X2, chat will easy. It comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard. This will allow you to type faster compared to conventional keypads. With this keyboard, you get to type in the entire story at half the time.

With this keyboard, electronic mail services will never be an issue. You can respond to emails just like you would on a personal computer or laptop. You will enjoy all the symbols, characters, numbers, and letters you will find on conventional keyboards. This will allow you to get the whole story through in the least amount of time possible.

When it comes to feeds from popular social networks, this will never be a problem on the Nokia X2-01. On the home screen, you will see live updates from both Twitter and Facebook. This will allow you to keep in touch with family and friends no matter where you are at any time.

When it comes to entertainment, music is one of the key features of the handset. You can download your favorite tracks from your favorite artists from the Ovi Store. If ever you want to listen to an FM radio, the handset comes with a built–in FM radio. This will allow you to listen to the news and the latest hits.

With the Nokia X2-01, basic is always best.


The Nokia X2-01 and the Nokia X5 give you easy access to Nokia’s Ovi Store.

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