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Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions Busts the Myths of Face-to-Face Marketing

Press release   •   Mar 02, 2018 14:10 GMT

This week, event marketing agency Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions has announced a greater commitment to educating people on outsourced sales and marketing and bust through any preconceptions people may have of the industry.

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions: News Room

‘Whilst the popularity of communicating virtually continues to grow; businesses need to be careful not to overlook the importance of meeting customers face to face. Face to face creates a personal connection that builds trust between a brand and its audience, and more meaningful relationships are the most valuable’; that was the message from Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions this week. The firm is keen to promote that in the modern age where markets are overflowing with competing businesses vying for customer's attention, simply being known is not enough. ‘Just putting your name out there is no longer effective, you need to find a way to create awareness AND connect with your audience. The goal is to communicate why they should choose your brand over the hundreds of others offering similar products and services. Face to face is a practical solution. It creates a platform for better communication and puts consumers in control of where the conversation goes’ states Managing Director Simon Reynolds.

Specialising in outsourced event marketing, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions creates and manages pop up campaigns for clients across many industries and is eager to address why clients continue to flock back to the firm in the digital age. ‘Face to face is impactful and offers a personalised brand experience. More traditional mass marketing only sends out one central message to consumers, meaning that for many it is not relevant or of interest. Online marketing communications can also pose engagement problems, as messages can be ‘watered down’ as it’s difficult to convey real emotion and empathy with your audience. In fact, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology published a report finding that a face-to-face request Is 34 times more successful than an email. This is because face to face is an equal exchange, brand representatives are in the moment and can react to what a customer is saying, feeling and their body language. This provides the scope to offer a truly unique brand experience and fully meet each customers individual needs’, states Mr. Reynolds.

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions closed its statement by outlining the benefits of outsourced face to face marketing, confirming that brands are increasingly choosing the medium over others due to its potential to feedback real time results. ‘ Meeting customers in person is 100 percent measurable, and these numbers can be reported back to the client instantly, I think this is a big draw for many brands. Whatsmore, clients only ever pay for the results they receive which in unstable economic climates is a level of protection other marketing avenues can’t offer’ concluded the Managing Director.

As the demand for face-to-face marketing campaigns continues to rise, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions is hopeful that its recent statement will further educate on this growing global phenomenon.



Managing Director – Simon Reynolds


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