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Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions discuss the importance of reflecting in order to progress in the New Year.

Press Release   •   Jan 15, 2018 17:17 GMT

As 2018 kicks off the opportunity for a fresh start for professionals across the UK, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions has been talking openly about why New Year reflection is a must when aiming for success in the ever-competitive business world.

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Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions are the event based sales and marketing firm based in Norwich. The company focuses on face-to-face marketing and as such have received astounding testimonials over the course of 2017, a trend they are looking to continue well into 2018. Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions has seen  great success over the past 12 months, consisting of acquiring a variety of new clients, further development of their business development programme and a variety of essential business events.

The firm recognise how  travel was an essential aspect of their 2017, encouraging the prospect of further travel over the next 12 months. The company is eager to continue on their course of development, and improve even further in the New Year, after their reflection and the impact this has had on company-wide morale, performance and engagement.

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions believes reflection to be crucial within a business, particularly during the transition into a New Year. A recent study by Giada Di Stefano, Francesca Gino, Gary Pisano, and Bradley Staats has found that individuals who spent at least 15 minutes per day to reflect on lessons learned throughout their day performed on average, 23% better after only ten days than those who did not partake in the exercise.

The company understand the importance of reflection, with a particular focus on driving future success, an exercise the firm consistently encourage amongst their contractors. Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions fosters reflection through various activities, to promote attraction to each individual; this can be through journal writing or discussing with a peer. The firm detail that as long as individuals, and ultimately businesses are reflecting on their successes and failures, they can modify their behaviours and see ultimate success.

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions are excited about the opportunities 2018 is sure to bring to the firm, with hopes of expanding their knowledge across the industry, environments, and continents. The company plans to continue the development of their business programme for contractors to work on self-development and professional skills, with a strong focus on the aspect of reflection. The company further encourages other businesses to promote a company culture focused on reflection, an element they believe to be crucial within the industry.



Managing Director

Simon Reynolds