Norwegian taxi companies choose Swedish payment solution

Press Release   •   Sep 09, 2014 10:03 BST

Swedish Samport delivers payment solutions to Taxi Stockholm and Taxi Helsinki. Additional Norwegian taxi companies are also now choosing to enter into agreements with Samport. In collaboration with the taximeter company Structab, Samport will deliver 2,700 payment terminals to companies including Drammen Taxi and Trønder Taxi.

Samport specialises in developing and tailoring payment solutions for the taxi industry. Existing customers include Taxi Stockholm and Taxi Helsinki. Together with the taximeter company Structab, Samport has now signed an agreement with the Norwegian technology supplier Internett Trafikk Formidling, ITF. The ambition is to deliver a total of 2,700 terminals and associated payment solutions to Trønder Taxi, Drammen Taxi, Taxisentralen AS (Fredrikstad og Sarpsborg) and Hurum og Røyken Taxi, amongst others.

“In a taxi, it is more important than it is in many other places that payments work as they should and are quick and easy. Thanks to the close collaboration with Structab, we have now been able to deliver the dependable payment solution that ITF and their members have long been looking for. We are all very pleased with this,” says Mikael Hedlöf, CEO of Samport.

The payment solution is closely integrated with the MegTax taximeter platform, developed and supplied by Structab.

“Samport is a supplier that has a good knowledge of payment procedures in the taxi industry. Combined with the Structab taximeter platform, we now have a payment solution that's ready for the present and equipped for the future. Both drivers and customers are insistent that payment in the taxi are smooth. Our new payment solution will live up to this demand,” says Grethe Pedersen, MD of ITF.

In April, the first part of this collaboration will begin with the installation of around 1,000 terminals in the vehicles of Trønder Taxi, Drammen Taxi, Taxisentralen AS (Fredrikstad og Sarpsborg) and Hurum og Røyken Taxi. The next stage will begin in autumn.

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ITF, Internett Trafikk Formidling AS, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taxus Norge AS. The company delivers and manages the operation of complete technology solutions for taxi companies. Together with well-known collaborative partners, ITF delivers taximeter, switchboard and payment solutions for the taxi industry. A total of 11 taxi companies with around 2,700 vehicles are connected to ITF.