Enjoy Minded

Nothing beats hanging out with real people in the real world and there is an app coming up for that.

Press Release   •   May 16, 2016 23:32 BST

Many young people are making the move to big cities such as London in search of employment, a life change or just to have some adventure. What many don’t realise is that moving to a new city can be daunting and can be sometimes the reason one has to completely rebuild a social circle for the first time. That is where Enjoy Minded comes in. Nothing beats hanging out with real people in the real world and Enjoy Minded helps its users achieve just that with the ability to create “hangouts” which are recommend to the other registered users based on interests and location. Anyone will be able to join a hangout or create one in five quick and easy steps - choose a descriptive title, pick a date, an optional description, select the interests already added in the profile or add more and search for a place for the hangout. That way you will be able to find people just like you - who recently moved or have made a big lifestyle change or just want to expand their social circle, meet new people, make new friends and have fun.

The founder of Enjoy Minded, Ivan Genchev says that the main focus after the launch will be adding features that will help Londoners to not only find new friends, but also easily explore the city and find their new favourite pub, coffee shop or other place.

The Enjoy Minded platform is currently in development and the first user facing product is an iOS application set to be released later this year. Everyone interested can currently subscribe at https://enjoyminded.com and get notified and invited when the beta version of the application is released. 

The Enjoy Minded platform encourages users to enjoy more face to face real world contact by creating hangouts or joining hangouts created by nearby people with similar interests and have fun.

Users can also browse profiles of other users nearby and exchange private messages on the platform or post comments to hangouts to break the ice or get to know more about the hangout.