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Novomatic slots history, why are these games winners?

Press Release   •   May 20, 2012 11:04 BST

Novomatic slots are for sure the most recognized slot machine games in the world. Why?, the main reason is that everyone knows novomatic and novoline slots and that you can find them, and play them in most land based casinos all over the world.

Over the last 7 years the novomatic (also known as novoline in certain countries)  brand has grown from stregth to strength, built up, and back up by the many years of gameplay, in most city based casino's. We can now also all enjoy free Novomatic slots online, so a whole new generation can get to know and play the incredible slot machine games that are on offer.

If you have never seen ,or played the novomatic games range, then we can give you some backgound information on the types of games you can play, these great slot games include an underwater adventure, adventures through outer space, trips back in history, adventures in jungles and of course fantasy games, where you can escape into the fantasy world, play to have fun, and the chance to win cash.

What do we think is the best thing about the new online free Novomatic slots games? for us, its just the link between the game we play in the casino, that we can now enjoy online, at any time. We can also now start ot play the novomatic mobile casino games, on our smartphones, ipad, iphone, android device and even on our mobile phone!

We know that every generation will continue to play these great slot machine games, and that novomatic new games will be released, with new features, bigger jackpots and even more fun!

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