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NRG Global discuss how to Focus and Maximize Productivity

Press Release   •   Apr 04, 2018 13:09 BST

Chicago based direct marketing and sales specialists NRG Global believe that many entrepreneurs have a cluttered mind and this is stopping them from being able to focus and maximize productivity levels.

NRG Global: About the firm.

The firm believes that until professionals know how to focus their mind and energy, they will never be able to have a clear mind, problem solve or remember even the most trivial of things. Staying on task and focused is becoming harder and harder these days, with the rise of social media and the advancements in technology individual's are never more than seconds away from distraction.

Once a mind wonders, it takes time to get back on track. A recent study claimed that on average it took over 25 minutes for someone to get back on track once they had been distracted. This translates to every time an individual's attention is taken away; they lose nearly half an hour of their time.

NRG Global understand that there are some reasons that make staying focused difficult. Firstly being physically unfit contributes letting a mind wander off task. The human body is genetically meant to be in motion and not be idle. If individuals fail to get enough exercise it can be a massive contributor to being distracted; a body regulates hormones and processes insulin when exercising, it also alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety.

What an individual fuels their body with can also play a significant part in the ability to focus on the tasks at hand or during the day. It's important to start the day hydrated. About 60% of a person's body is made up of water, if an individual becomes dehydrated, they're going to start to feel sluggish, tired and the brain will stop working as well

It can also be incredibly hard to focus when a person is feeling worried or anxious about something. Within the brain there is a system known as the “Limbic System” which acts as the control center for all emotions and memories, it’s responsible for attaching feelings to everything. The way someone feels about their work can almost destroy their productivity and focus. It’s worth taking some time to understand so that individual's know what triggers specific emotional responses and loss of focus.

Technology is equally as bad as it is good when it comes to productivity, many aspects of modern technology have been designed to streamline the process and make tasks easier. But, smartphones, tablets, being on call 24/7; social media notifications all stand a chance of derailing focus.

A 2012 study showed that people spend a staggering 28% of their working week managing and replying to their emails. As mentioned above, many people find it hard to switch off from their notifications. This is the biggest killer of focus and productivity in the modern workplace.

The firm's goals are to develop cost-effective campaigns; at NRG Global they can deliver a 4D experience for their client's consumers.By promoting an efficient face-to-face acquisition and advertising team, they can help to demonstrate and encourage interest on behalf of clients for their products and services. NRG Global offers a comprehensive outsourcing package, including design and execution, the firm takes care of everything from recruitment, product training to live market research, they share the client's vision and take care of the rest.



Rafael Grossi: CEO

NRG Global offers a comprehensive outsourcing package, including design and execution, we take care of everything from recruitment, product training to live market research, you share your vision and we take care of the rest.