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NRG Global discuss the four questions you should be asking about mentors

Press release   •   Mar 01, 2018 12:44 GMT

NRG Global is a direct sales and marketing firm based in Chicago; the firm are avid promoters of entrepreneurship and regularly encourage their contractors to network and take full advantage of the mentoring scheme they have in place.

NRG Global: About the firm

The firm understands that entrepreneurship is not taught correctly in schools and colleges, many entrepreneurs have to look outside conventional education to learn how to network effectively.

NRG Global have devised a list of questions to budding entrepreneurs should ask when It comes to finding the right mentor for them.

1.) Who should your mentors be, and how do you find them?

First and foremost you need to understand your values. If you don’t how is anyone else going to be able to help? The next step is that you need to think about your personal and (try to create S.M.A.R.T targets) professional goals are.

When looking for a mentor, look for successful people that you admire in a personal or professional capacity, but more importantly that also embody your values, and are most likely to be able to help with your objectives. Look for people that have followed a similar path to yours, and then make sure you can have meaningful conversations with these potential mentors.

2.) How should the relationship be (formal/informal)?

In all honesty, the two options can work, but it depends on person-to-person and what works best for their personality and what you’re looking to achieve. However, with that being said particularly for the short-term the relationship should be formal, during this period you will understand your boundaries, but the key is finding the right person for you. You will need this person to be equally reasonable and respectful of their time.

3.) What should you expect from your mentor, and what should they expect from you?

This all comes down to what kind of relationship you have (informal/formal). Relationships that are formal should have structure and specific protocols in place. For example regular catch-ups and meetings in person or via video chat. Being able to see someone creates a better bond and relationship.

4.) How do you know if the relationship is working?

Well, as long as you are receiving regular valuable feedback and information from these relationships then they work. The roles can often switch over from time to time as well; the mentee becomes the mentor particularly on specific topics. The idea of mentoring is a two-way street; we all need to seek counsel from time to time. Once this has happened, it is most likely that the mentor’s relationship moves from just a connection to that of friendship.

NRG Global has developed a tried and tested development scheme within the business. The firm offers all of their contractors the opportunity of one-to-one mentoring, as well as regular workshops covering a range of topics and skills development. Furthermore, there are fantastic opportunities for networking.

If you are looking for an environment where you can grow, with the help of a fantastically supportive mentoring team, get in touch with NRG Global.


Rafael Grossi: CEO

NRG Global offers a comprehensive outsourcing package, including design and execution, we take care of everything from recruitment, product training to live market research, you share your vision and we take care of the rest.