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NRG Global Inc put pressure on entrepreneurs to improve leadership skills at that start of a new year.

Press Release   •   Jan 16, 2018 16:23 GMT

NRG Global Inc put pressure on entrepreneurs to improve leadership skills at that start of a new year.

Outsourced sales and marketing specialists, NRG Global Inc, believe that leadership skills are what separates the average from the extraordinary. The Chicago based firm are putting pressure on entrepreneurs to improve leadership skills.

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The company are firm believers in teaching leadership skills, they understand that not everyone is born a leader, but that doesn’t mean they can become one. Teaching these skills is one of the very first steps their newest recruits are trained. The company want to inspire the future leaders of tomorrow.

The firm has outlined their five keys steps to becoming a stronger leader which are as follows:

1.) Keep it simple.

Whatever your goals are for 2018 and further ahead, make sure you keep your them and your approach clear, conscience and measurable. Overcomplicating these will help nobody if you’re unable to convey your message to everyone else. How are they going to be able to understand what you want from them as a leader? It is only going to cause misalignment and confusion down the line.

2.) Be transparent with staff

There are many significant benefits of using transparency as a leadership method. Firstly, problems are solved quicker when leaders are open this has a direct impact on team cohesion. Teams are built far easier if there is transparency as it is a brilliant unifier, if there are issues it will force a team to work smarter, together, allowing everyone to discuss issues openly. Furthermore, relationships will subsequently grow authentically creating a strong bond within a group or team.

3.) Build a community

Promote team bonding by organising actives during and outside of work will have a number of benefits for example:

Expanding networks

Gaining insights into personalities

Increased feeling of togetherness and teamwork

Forming of genuine friendships

Overall building a community will emphasise the importance of teamwork.

4.) Show your people that they are valued

By putting your colleagues needs ahead of your own demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, by setting aside time to talk and listen to them you will be able to gauge what’s going well and what’s going wrong with them and your abilities. Particularly in a workforce that will predominantly be made up of Millennials, showing that individuals are valued is such an important trait.

5.) Aim Big, but start small

Devise goals that are going to inspire your workforce, if there is an end goal even If it's about doing something within the community as opposed to something that is explicitly going to benefit the company, it's going to get the most out of your workforce particularly amongst millennials.

“There can be no doubts about the importance of strong leadership, without direction and the right stewardship almost if not all businesses are going to fail. Staff will lose motivation, goals and targets won't be met, and the business will all come grinding to a holt. Its important for leaders to inspire and get the best out of their teams and we’re fortunate to have some great leaders here at NRG Global” - Stated Rafael Grossi.

NRG Global deliver cost-effective direct marketing campaigns the firm aim to provide a genuinely 4D experience for clients and consumers. By developing effective face-to-face acquisitions and advertising team, the firm can demonstrate and encourage interest in client’s products and services. NRG Global offers a comprehensive outsourcing package, including design and execution, they take care of everything from recruitment, product training to live market research. The firm is always on the lookout for those that demonstrate exceptional leadership skills to help take the company forward.



Rafael Grossi

Managing director