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NRG Global Inc. Respond to Claims that a Degree is Now Overrated

Press release   •   Mar 16, 2018 12:53 GMT

Chicago based sales and marketing firm NRG Global Inc. recently responded to claims on whether or not a college degree has become overrated. The firm believes that nowadays there are often more cons than pros when obtaining a degree.

NRG Global Inc.: About the firm

NRG Global Inc. is avid supporters of entrepreneurship and thoroughly believes that good entrepreneurs don’t have to be born in the lecture theatres. Often some of the best lessons to be taught are those experienced through practical life experience. Some of the worlds most prominent business leaders are either college dropouts (the late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates) or never actually went to university in the first place.

NRG Global Inc. has devised a list of reasons for what the degree is not what it once was:

Cost of tuition:

The average cost of a public university is now $18,000 per year for an in-state Uni. The price increases significantly for an out of state university with the yearly fee being $29,000, and it's a different ball game altogether for a private University which averages a whopping $37,000 per year. However, these figures do include learning materials, accommodation and transport.

However, these institutions do offer grants and scholarships, but if you are not within the top 10-5% of students the vast majority of your funding will have to come from student loans.

Debt after college:

Following on from the above point, for many students taking out a loan of multiple loans is the only way to fund a degree. These loans have interest on them; the average student will owe a minimum of $72,000 for trying to get a degree without the added cost of interest. Once a student has obtained their degree and is fortunate enough to get a job they will then have to start the repayments of anywhere from $300-600 a month. Whereas those individuals that did not go to university are often debt free, have a house and are driving around in a new car, whereas the former student is struggling to pay off all the debt.

Lost working years:

Those years between 18-24 are often lost to studying at university when they could be used to get a job and start earning straight out of high school. Work experience cannot be understated; it provides hands-on experience of dealing with real-world issues, instead of reading theory from a textbook. Those that start working straight after school and joining at the bottom of the pile but worked their way up to a management level in two years are going to be of more value to the hiring business than the student that can only do the work in theory with no proven record.

Not going to college = Early retirement

To put it in context the average fee for tuition is $25,000. Admittedly not everyone has that kind of money lying around, so they have to turn to these student loans. If an individual started working straight after high school, they had the opportunity to put away a few thousand dollars a year they’d be way ahead of the student when it comes to when they’re able to retire. It's often around 5-7 years earlier; they also wouldn't have the same levels of debt to worry about.

NRG Global Inc. actively encourages entrepreneurship within their business, and support anybody looking to get their first job or a change of career to get in touch.

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