National Union of Students


Press release   •   Mar 29, 2012 00:01 BST

Responding to details published today of cuts to teaching budgets in universities and almost 10,000 fewer places for new students, the National Union of Students (NUS) said it demonstrated the failure of the government’s changes to higher education funding.

Liam Burns, NUS President, said:

“The government must come clean on their plans for higher education. Universities and students are left trying picking through occasional trickles of information such as this looking for some clue about their futures.

“Ministers claimed marketising higher education would offer students more choice but slashed budgets, bigger debts and thousands fewer places show that the experiment has already failed.

“Add record unemployment into the mix and it’s clear that wherever young people look doors are slamming in their faces.

“To avoid denying a generation the opportunity to gain a foothold in society this government must urgently change direction and invest in our futures.”


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