National Union of Students


Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2012 00:01 BST

The National Union of Students (NUS) has today welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement of a new minimum income for the poorest students of £7250, a minimum support package of £4500 regardless of income, and part-time fees abolished for those earning less than £25,000, delivering on another of NUS Scotland's key pre-election asks. This will make Scotland's package of student support the best in the UK.

Liam Burns, NUS National President, said:

“This is great news for Scottish students studying throughout the UK and is a great campaign victory for NUS Scotland.

“Politicians in Westminster should follow the example of those in Scotland and make the drastic improvements to student support that will close the £8,000 a year gap between available student support and the cost of being a student.”

“NUS will be publishing the results of our comprehensive Pound in your Pocket survey of student finances in the Autumn and we expect politicians to engage with us in ensuring all students can afford to complete their studies”?

Robin Parker, NUS Scotland President, said:

“The announcements today are a huge step forward and a victory for years of campaigning by countless students across Scotland. From next year, Scotland will have the best support package in the whole of the UK available to college and university students studying at higher education level. With a £7250 minimum income for the poorest students, a £4500 minimum support for all, and part-time fees abolished for the poorest part-time students, this is very welcome news indeed.”

On part-time fees announcement, Robin Parker, NUS Scotland President, said:

“We’ve said for a long time that it’s unfair that part-time student pay fees, while full-time ones do not, particularly when part-time students are more likely to be from poorer backgrounds. Abolishing fees for part-time students earning under £25,000 is therefore great news for part-time students and great news for fair access in Scotland.”

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