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Office of the Traffic Commissioner: Revisions to levels of financial standing for goods and PSV operators

Press Release   •   Dec 17, 2009 11:41 GMT

The Department for Transport has today given notice of revisions to the levels of financial standing required by holders of goods and PSV operators' licences operating for hire or reward. This is an EU requirement that affects holders of standard national and standard international licences.

The Traffic Commissioners retain their discretion to set the financial standing levels for restricted licence holders.  To minimise the burden on those licence holders, they propose to maintain the current rates.

The revised figures are set out below and are based on the Euro exchange rate on the first working day in October 2009 - as prescribed by Directive 96/26/EC*. The new rates will come into force on 1 January 2010 and will remain in place until the 31 December 2011 (Previously published rates are in brackets).

Minimum financial 
level requirement

Standard National and 
Standard International Licences
a. First Vehicle                                       £8,100 (£6,200)
b. Each additional vehicle                        £4,500 (£3,400)

Restricted Licences

a. First vehicle                                        £3,100 (£3,100)
b. Each additional vehicle                         £1,700 (£1,700)

* As amended by 98/76/EC

1. The financial limits set out in Directive 96/26/EC are 9000 euros for the first vehicle and 5000 euros for each subsequent vehicle. For member states not participating in monetary union, the Directive requires the limits to be revised every five years, using the euro exchange rate published in the Official Journal of the European Union on the first working day of October in the previous year.

2. There are seven Traffic Commissioners, each supported by a number of deputies, covering seven traffic areas. Details of each Traffic Commissioner can be found at:

3. There is also a Statutory Senior Traffic Commissioner - Philip Brown - who is tasked with leading the Commissioners' modernising agenda.

4. All Traffic Commissioners are statutorily independent Licensing Authorities responsible for bus, coach and goods vehicle operators and for local bus service registrations.  They can also take disciplinary action against the licence of bus, coach and lorry drivers who commit road and certain other offences.

5. Prohibition notices can be issued by VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency) following an inspection and can prevent a vehicle from being driven until it is roadworthy.

6. Traffic Commissioners have the power to revoke, suspend or curtail a company's licence to operate buses, coaches and lorries if they are satisfied that a company is failing to ensure that its vehicles are maintained in a fit and serviceable condition when being operated on public roads.  They can also take such action if they are satisfied that a company has failed to honour certain Statements of Intent made when they applied for their operator's licence (i.e. that vehicles would be kept fit and serviceable and that the laws relating to the driving and operation of vehicles used under the licence would be observed).

7. Action can also be taken against PSV operators who fail to operate local bus services properly or in contravention of the registered particulars.  Traffic Commissioners have the power to cancel or restrict local services an operator may run, or impose a fine if services have not been operated, or operated improperly, to a significant extent.


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