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Olympic Torch Bearer patronizes Aberystwyth film

Press Release   •   Feb 06, 2013 11:56 GMT

Some entrepreneurs may want to wash themselves clean of backing independent film production, but not film patron Michael J. Proulx.  Dr. Proulx, an ex-pat based in Bath, hopes to see Dara Says on the big screen, or at least on DVD in a year.

When the Dara Says team came for a visit, we were in for a great surprise.  Not only did Michael agree to pose in front of some of Bath’s historic buildings, but he also got dressed up with his Olympic gear and torch.

Dr. Proulx teaches psychology at the University of Bath, and has been given a “new investigator award” while at Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf, among his other accomplishments.  But this appears to be the first time Dr. Proulx has been a patron of the Arts.

Dr. Proulx has seen the trailer for Dara Says and has been familiar with the work of the creators of Dara Says for years. After backing Dara Says, he has shared links to the project with his connections, saying “spread the word.”

An amateur historian as well as an accomplished psychologist, Dr. Proulx also points out that Bath is an historic home for cinema, attesting that “film origins in Bath” go back to John Arthur Roebuck Rudge, who, according to a plaque in Bath, “after numerous experiments conducted in the basement was the first Englishman to produce moving pictures by means of photographs mounted on a revolving drum.”  Also important to cinema’s roots in Bath is William Friese-Greene, who according to the same inscription was “the inventor of commercial cinematography, being the first man to apply celluloid ribbon for this purpose.”

Old Roman Bath with coins in it

In Bath they follow an old tradition of throwing coins in the water and making a wish. Bath resident Dr. Michael J. Proulx has high hopes for Dara Says.

Michael J Proulx by posters of Cirque du Soliel and Lincoln, outside a cinema in Bath

Dr. Micheal J Proulx outside a Bath cinema. Perhaps soon the poster he stands by will say “Dara Says.”

Not only has Dr. Proulx backed Dara Says at the Dara Says crowdfunding campaign he’s also been spreading the word. He asks you to ”Support independent film!  From my favourite Wales-based filmmakers.”

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