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One Earth Sampling Extravaganza - 2,500 samples on the same day across UK

Press Release   •   Jan 18, 2018 15:21 GMT

One Earth are new breed of superfood blends launched in 2017. We won Finalist for Best New Food Product at Natural & Organic Products Europe and are now stocked in Planet Organic, Revital, As Nature Intended and over 50 independent store across the UK. Now we are on a mission to get more people trying our great tasting blends- because they really do taste amazing and are SO EASY to add to a smoothie or make an energy ball!

This January- March we are hold a sampling EXTRAVAGANZA at approximately 45 independent stores across the UK (amount of stores growing everyday!). We are committed to supporting local independent businesses!

The first sampling event will be on SATURDAY 20TH JANUARY.

We will be sampling our Rejuvenate Your Soul Blend which contains Maca, Baobab, Goji berry, Cacao and Acerola Cherry. Just 1 teaspoon gives you 150% RDA of Vitamin C! We have made over 2,500 energy balls made using our Rejuvenate Your Soul blend along with dates, raisins, almonds and almond butter.

We only use ethical and sustainable ingredients and support organisations working with rural farmers and harvesters such as B’Ayoba in Zimbabwe, an organisation that works with 2,000 families in drought prone areas in the sustainable harvesting of baobab fruit.

We are unlike any other superfood blend company in the UK. We don’t promote ‘cleanses’ or ‘detoxes’, we don’t promote weight loss or cure hair loss! We are an honest family company that sticks to EU certified health claims and want to promote healthy great tasting food that promotes the use of more fruits and vegetables. End of story!

Each of our blends is unique; Rejuvenate Your Soul gives a natural energy release, Shine Bright is designed to nourish skin, Green Goodness is full of iodine and a vitamin and mineral goldmine and Coco Go Go is an antioxidant blast of matcha green tea and raw cacao that can be enjoyed as a smoothie booster or in a hot matcha-cacao latte. As Susan (Co-Founder) states: “the versatility of these blends is amazing. We didn’t add any sweet fruit or stevia to them, they have a natural taste that can be tailored to suit the consumer.”

“Our blends enable you to make smoothies of high nutritional value without needing to spend lots of money on a cupboard full of individual bags of ingredients. We’ve also been completely transparent about the vitamin and mineral content of our blends, so consumers know exactly what they are getting. The era of superfood companies leaving the consumer guessing nutritional content or only giving really low vitamin content is over,” says Susan. “We hired a top herbalist and product development team with more than 30 years’ experience and who’ve worked with some of the top organic brands in the UK to help us create our blends.”

Each blend contains a unique combination of only five or six superfoods and botanicals from around the world, ranging from British Seagreens to Zimbabwean baobab. “We didn’t want to add a crazy amount of ingredients, which would be pointless. Each ingredient is there for a reason and contains a whole host of benefits. We were really adamant we didn’t want to add any sweet fruit powders to mask the taste or use cheap protein powders to bulk things up. We only use premium and powerful superfoods and botanicals. We want to be the best and we are confident that we have succeeded in doing that,” adds Susan.

RRP for 100g-150g bags range from £15.99-17.99 (20-30 servings)

RRP for 40g-45g bags is £4.99 (out in February). (8-9 servings)

Visit your local Health Food shop on Saturday 20th January to taste our One Earth Rejuvenate your Soul blend in home-made energy balls! We will have another 2 sampling events- one on 14th February (Superfood Chocolate hearts) and another on 17th March (Green Goodness Green dip with crackers for St Patricks Day!)

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Sales and Media enquiries: Contact Dr Susan Thirakornratch, Co-Founder-

Telephone: 07460123456

No diets, no detoxes just good honest nutrition. We are a family company that has designed 6 nutrient dense blends for adults and children to add to smoothies and cooking. All sourced from ethical sources helping smallholder farmers.