Layla Mandi

One Pure products gaining popularity among Islamic women

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2011 18:32 GMT

For Muslim women who feel they are sinning Islamic customs and beliefs by using skin creams with alcohol and pig residues, Layla Mandi has the answer: religiously-correct “halal” cosmetics. One Pure products are meet the Islamic standards, they are produced without alcohol or pork and have become Islamic woman’s favorite.

Layla Mandi’s Products are Free of pork and alcohol:
According to Mandi, fatty acids and gelatin are used in moisturizers, shampoos, face masks and lipsticks as well as other items are often extracted from pigs. And she have decided to create a halal product, Mandi brought together a dermatologist and a chemist and told them the deal: cosmetics and skin-care products free of pork and alcohol. One Pure is guaranteed to be just that, she said. And to get a foothold in the highly competitive world, Mandi is offering products that come in glitzy wrappings.

“I wanted the packaging to be really voluptuary, to speak to young people and old people, to everyone. I didn’t want people to say ‘I’d really like to buy a halal product but the packaging doesn’t look cool,’” she said.

Layla Mandi’s One Pure products are touted as the first halal cosmetics products in the Middle East, they are certified in Malaysia by an Islamic body that also certifies meats and other consumer goods for Muslims.

So far Mandi has been marketing them online, on Saudi Airlines — her first customer since July — and a small boutique in the upscale Souk al-Bahar in the Burj Dubai complex that houses the world’s tallest tower.

“One Pure products are specifically designed for women in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). I plan to launch a line for men but for now, it’s just women,” Mandi said. “There is appetite for it in this region.”

One Pure products are not sold across the counter but can be bought on the Internet from online stores in Malaysia, Jordan and Britain.