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Press Release   •   Nov 02, 2010 22:42 GMT

More than 150 complementary and beauty therapists have signed up for a unique portal aimed which is now poised to go nationwide to give individual practitioners the muscle of a national organisation behind them.

The T&S Health and Beauty Register UK aims to bring hundreds of therapists across Britain under its wing to help promote, support and equip them.

And, in a unique deal, the organisation is offering them clinic space and free towels and treatment tables if their register.

Sam Afolayan, CEO of T&S Health and Beauty, explained that the register was designed to put practitioners in touch with clients and given clients a one-stop shop where they can find a therapist to suit them; from an acupuncturist to a reflexologist.

“Quite simply, there’s nothing like this in the UK,” he said. “We’ve built a unique portal specifically for the industry which no-one else can match.”

He added, “Our site comes up on the first page of a Google search for beauty and complementary therapies in the UK – and that sort of ranking would cost an individual therapist hundreds.”

In exchange for registration, the company is offering therapists clinic space, massage tables and towels for their business, and is guaranteeing to find work for any qualified therapist who uses its services.

“We will find you work – guaranteed,” said Sam Afolayan. “We have extensive links with gyms, health clubs and hotels nationwide so we are always getting clients for our members.”

In its trial period T&S Health and Beauty has already signed more than 150 therapists and trainers in London, Cambridge, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and Oxford, and is now about to go nationwide.

As part of the registration package, the company is able to offer advice and support based on real experience in the health and beauty industry, including tips on networking, finance, marketing and training.

With a background in health and complementary therapy, Sam Afolayan knows the market, and how difficult it is for a sole-trader to succeed in a competitive world. “By registering with T&S Health and Beauty, individual therapists get immediate access to a big organisation which is prepared to fight for them,” he said. “In this recession it is important that you get work to survive – and we will provide you with business.”

The service costs therapists less than £5 a month, but for that they get access to clinic space and on-call advice from the experts at T&S. That sort of service alone would cost more than a year’s subscription to the T&S service.

One year’s access to the benefits of the T&S portal costs £56, for which members get a personal relationship with a member of the T&S team to advise on marketing, networking and growing a business.

“Our service is aimed at helping both therapists and customers,” explained Sam. “Someone may have spent considerable time training in the latest techniques, but when it comes to finding work it’s a competitive world out there and a sole trader is going to find it difficult. We can offer the backing of a national organisation, which means that someone wanting a complementary can come to us knowing that we will be able to find a qualified expert close to them.”

Therapists on the T&S books include experts in injury recovery, nutrition, acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, skin care, beauty treatments and reflexology, while others are also able to offer personal development, counselling and neuro-linguistic programming to combat phobias and allergies.

“We have some of the best and most respected names in Britain working with us, and feel confident that there is no better way of finding a first class, reputable therapist, whatever your needs,” said Sam.

For the trainers and therapists on the T&S register, the service has been a revolution. “TSHB has helped me so much. I enjoy working with them as a company and I can definitely recommend them,” says Bev Herdman. Her enthusiasm is echoed by Alexandra Baines, who adds: “At first I was a bit wary but then I thought I would give it a go as it was so cheap. I can say now it was definitely the best investment I've made to date.”

To contact the T&S Health and Beauty Register, call 0800 098 8800, email support@tshb.co.uk or write to T & S Health & Beauty Register UK, Unit 237a, Elephant and Castle Complex, London, SE1 6TE.

Website:  www.tshb.co.uk


TSHB is the UK's leading online directory and resource for complimentary therapists with over 200 members and counting.The aim is to promote the services that a therapist, massage therapist or personal trainer provide.

Personal Trainers and Massage Therapists who register with T&S can choose to be covered under the company's professional indemnity and public liability insurance, covering professional indemnity and public liability of up to £5million.