Operating tables market controlled by Berchtold, Skytron and STERIS

Press release   •   Dec 03, 2012 14:39 GMT

The global operating tables market has been predicted to reach a value of US$845.8 million by 2018, with growth being predominantly driven by the increasing demand for innovative and state-of-the-art operating tables, the growing number of ASCs (Ambulatory Surgery Centres), a rapidly expanding aging population in developed economies, and a spurt in medical tourism in developing countries such.

The operating table is an essential part of any successful surgical procedure. Today, various types of surgical table are available for basic operating requirements as well as specialized procedures. The most important function of the surgical table is to keep the patient in the best position possible for the particular surgical procedure and to allow the surgeon to make any necessary adjustment during the procedure without interfering with the operation.

In the operating table market, one size fits all seems to be of days by gone. The growth is fuelled by the need for specialised operating tables, which can reduce surgery time. Globally, there is a focus on developing specialised attachments that will help customize the equipment as per surgeon's need, coining the phrase user friendly tables. Since C-arm-assisted surgeries have become the norm of the day, compatibility and better access to C-arm imaging are important drivers of OT table design.

With rising costs and shortage of human power, there is an increasing demand for automatic remote controlled tables, which enable quick, precise, and safe patient positioning with minimal or no human assistance.

A select number of manufacturers are established in the market for operating tables across the different global regions. These include Berchtold, Skytron and STERIS in the US. These companies lead innovation in surgical tables.

Berchtold has recently launched a multifunction spine system attachment for OPERON surgical tables, which provides additional versatility by offering prone, lateral and supine positioning. It also provides improved eye and airway visibility, plus unrestricted C-arm access.

STERIS has launched a range of three improved general operating tables that slide, rotate and transport patients with a single caregiver throughout the perioperative area.

Trumpf has released a modular-design operating table with up to three motorized joint pairs which make it possible to use remote controls to position the patient quickly, safety and precisely.

The future looks very bright for the operating table market. Product standardisations and innovations are going to be the key drivers for future growth for the medical equipment industry.

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