Orange Rio - An Uncomplicated Mobile

Press Release   •   Sep 01, 2010 22:40 BST

If you've ever wanted all of the fun of a Blackberry phone, but at a much lower price, the Orange Rio won't act as the perfect replacement, but it certainly comes close. Equipped with an amazing keyboard, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and lots of other goodies, it rapidly becomes clear that this phone is quite a good find, especially for its price. While it's not perfect, its thoughtful design makes it easy to forget its flaws.

The Orange Rio is a decidedly attractive little phone. Its glossy plastic exterior is available in black or pink, and the chrome trimmings give it a sophisticated look that makes the phone look much more expensive than it really is. At 95g, it's a bit hefty, but not so much that it feels clunky or brick-like. It's small enough to fit in a pocket, as long as it's not your tightest jeans. Its main highlight, however, is its amazing QWERTY keyboard. The button definition on this phone is truly amazing. It's also complex without being too crowded.

Its resistive 2.4 inch touchscreen is shockingly easy to use. Unlike many budget priced phones, you don't have to give yourself a hand cramp simply trying to navigate the phone. For a resistive screen, it's surprisingly responsive and reliable. Its user interface is also refreshingly simple to use and free of bugs and glitches

This is the type of handset that you might expect to get with a free laptop with mobile phone deal. While hardly the holy grail of budget phones, the Orange Rio is a delightful choice to consider. Its innovative design, finger friendly keyboard, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Opera Mini browser, and other qualities are all great deals indeed. However, if you want something with wi-fi or a decent camera, look elsewhere. compiles and hand picks top mobile phone offers from around the country. For UK consumers looking to compare iPhone deals or for cheap mobile contracts, it is an ideal destination.