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Press release   •   Jun 22, 2011 12:32 BST

Leightons HearingCare calculates that over 75,000* people in Hampshire cannot hear properly. According to a recently published study called EuroTrak UK, 5.5% of the UK adult population suffer from hearing problems that they do nothing about.
The study also revealed that the UK has one of the lowest levels of hearing test rates in Europe.
“Living with undiagnosed hearing impairment can have serious consequences,” commented Leighton HearingCare MD Ryan Leighton. “These can include isolation, withdrawal, problems at work, depression, low self-esteem and a host of other symptoms according to recent academic research**.”
“Taking a simple hearing test could be the first step to alleviating these symptoms,” added Leighton. “It’s a quick, easy and non-intrusive procedure.”
Where can you get your hearing tested? Leighton’s HearingCare offers free hearing tests at all their Hampshire outlets for pre-booked appointments – no waiting list, no queue (telephone 0800 280 2550 to make your appointment).
You can also be referred for an NHS hearing test by your GP – though there may be a waiting list. Alternatively, you can complete a hearing test online or over the phone that could give an indication if a further professional test is necessary (visit www.rnid.org.uk or phone the RNID Hearing check phoneline 0844 800 3838).
Professor Adrian Davis, National Director for Newborn Hearing Screening Programme, and the leading researcher into hearing impairment in the UK commented: “Probably over 3.4 million people in the UK need hearing aids and do not have them according to EuroTrak UK – similar to a figure estimated by the MRC studies and RNID. This represents a massive challenge to everyone involved with hearing healthcare, hearing aids and their dispensing. The negative impact on the lives of the undiagnosed hearing impaired cannot be underestimated.”
Eurotrak is the most comprehensive survey undertaken in this field throughout Europe. Consumers answered questions not only about their personal hearing, but also about their attitudes to and knowledge about hearing aids.
Other key EuroTrak findings include:-
- UK has the lowest hearing test rate (31% UK, 47% France, 55% Germany)
- 39% of people who consult their doctor about their hearing impairment do not go any further to seek a solution.
* 5.5% of the adult population of Hampshire (2010 figures) as published by Hants CC.
** Source: ” Evaluation of the social and economic costs of hearing impairment” by London South Bank University / Professor Bridget Shield

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