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Overview of the HTC Touch 2 Silver

Press release   •   Nov 09, 2010 16:55 GMT

The handset measures in at 104x55x12.9mm and weights in at just 110g, which is around 20g lighter than a lot of the smartphones we have looked at previously. The device itself features a 2.8" resistive touch screen showing a QVGA (240 x 320 pixel) resolution. Although it is smaller than many other touch screens, it remains sensitive and very responsive. Perhaps the one flaw with the screen is the fact that it is a resistive screen rather than a capacitive one, meaning a level of pressure needs to be applied in order for the device to respond.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the HTC Touch 2 is the fact that it operates on the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform. The result of this for the user is a quick, comprehendible and easily operated interface. A honeycomb grid layout means that applications are easily viewed. A scrolling shortcut bar located at the bottom of the screen means the more common functions such as contacts and messaging are easily accessible.

You would imagine that with just 2.8" of touch screen and no separate keyboard that typing could be a bit of a chore. However HTC have addressed this with some quirky tricks. You can hold down a key in order to choose a number or symbol, handy for inputting passwords which are often a mix of characters. As well as the Qwerty keyboard you have the option to choose an alphanumeric version or a compact keyboard

The camera function on the Touch 2 Silver is a 3.2 mega pixel fixed focus affair. Outdoor daylight photos seem reasonable enough, however the cameras inadequacies begin to show on indoor or low light shots. The device has 512MB of internal memory, fairly small for a host of multimedia usage so it would be worth considering the purchase of a larger capacity microSD card.

In conclusion the HTC Touch is a great smartphone. If you are looking for a phone that does pretty much everything and is also pockatable and lightweight then this is the phone for you. It is very easy to use, looks great and performs well. It also offers various functions and applications such as Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook which are all pre-installed on the phone.

Smaller than the majority of smartphones on the market, the Touch 2 Silver hopes that its lack of size does not compromise the host of features on offer.

The HTC Touch 2 Silver and HTC Desire White are available Now.

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