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Oxebridge Owner Christopher Paris Exposed As A Fraud By Industry Insiders

Press Release   •   Jun 09, 2017 14:02 BST

Manchester, England, June 9th, 2017 -- On the Internet, nothing is temporary, once content is published, it lives forever in cyberspace, and that is unfortunate for those trying to hide their fraudulent activities such as Christopher Paris, owner of the bogus operation Oxebridge Resources.

Mr. Paris and Oxebridge was exposed for fraud, defamation, and engaging in racially sensitive activities by a small group of quality professionals detailing how he scams businesses and people in the quality community

The group is calling itself "Osteinfo" and publishes information as 'Public Domain' to enable the truth to be known about one of the biggest con artists in the ISO certification industry -- Christopher Mark Paris (aka Chris Erwin and Mark Spittle). Paris attempted to take down Osteinfo, and in return, the website went viral so the truth can forever be told.

Information about ISO industry fraudsters such as Paris is allegedly being shared among quality professionals, certification bodies, accreditation groups, Linkedin members, and others that have been a target of verbal attacks, threats, defamation, propaganda, and outright lies published on the hate site Oxebridge websites. The truth is now available forever in Cyberspace at

Christopher Mark Paris operates the bogus operation Oxebridge Quality Resources, which has been sued multiple times for publishing false information about quality consultants. In addition to Paris being bankrupt, Osteinfo exposed Mr. Paris as a complete fraud, and provided a compilation of verifiable facts that debunks the false information on the Oxebridge website, which many are calling a 'Hate Site' for the often racially sensitive (sic) information spewed out by its disturbed founder.

Christopher Mark Paris filed for bankruptcy in 2016 after being sued for defamation (knowingly lying) in which he targeted his business competitors. Paris failed to pay creditors over $600,000 (

Chris Paris wants people to believe he is "popular" or some sort of over-seer in the ISO community. However, Oxebridge has no known customers, no subscribers, no clients and not even a single business endorsement on its website. Despite claims (outright lies) made by Paris about his "success", the fact of the matter is Oxebridge has only himself as an employee. Even more strange, the entire business model of his bogus operation Oxebridge is to attack and destroy the reputation of his competitors so he could steal their customers. However, and not surprisingly, he has failed miserably. The rabbit hole Paris fell into apparently keeps getting deeper, and that should be expected for any person engaging in such bizarre activities.

Paris write misleading articles on his website as if he actually is some sort of "authority" in the ISO community. In reality, he is nothing more than a troublemaker envious of the continued success of his competitors despite his failed attempts to destroy them by publishing fake news he writes himself.

ISO Watch has called for a boycott of all organizations that support the fraudulent and slandering activities of Christopher Paris, a former member of the Communist Party, and a fanatical extremist disguised as a “consultant” for questionable organizations such as Florida-based ISOQAR, Inc. See:

As the founder of the hate site Oxebridge, Chris Paris has been shown to be nothing more than a propagandist for certification bodies belonging to the brotherhood of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). ISO Watch and its affiliated groups shall remain committed in exposing all individuals and organizations engaging in anti-competitive business practices and/or racial discrimination on any level. Next up, Mary Winch.