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Paddington’s underground railway service

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2011 13:15 GMT

The vibrant Central London:

Central London, the heart of UK's capital is one of the most important areas of the city, and in all respects. Central London is the hub of tourism, which is a major contributor to its economy, and it has got immense importance as a business district. Central London is made up of several boroughs and districts that are ornamented with numerous sites that attract
international tourists. Majority of these districts and boroughs are historic areas with heritage buildings, structures and historic sites scattered all over. These are places in London that offer an amazing charm which delight the travelers, especially those who are interested in London's heritage and cultural traditions. The City of Westminster is among the most important boroughs in Central London. The City of Westminster is one of the most beautiful areas in Central London and it is famous across the world because it is the place that houses some of the biggest tourist attractions and landmarks of London such as the Buckingham Palace, The Westminster Abbey, The Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.

Paddington: Unimpressive but important

Located within the city of Westminster, Paddington is a major district. Paddington is one of the most ancient areas in the City of Westminster and hence has got historical importance. Unlike other areas of the City of Westminster such as the Bayswater, Balgravia, Covent Garden, Hyde Park, Queen's Park, St. James and Victoria, Paddington is not ornamented with tourist attractions but it plays a very important role in London's transportation and communication. One of the biggest landmarks of Paddington is the Paddington railway station, which is also known as London Paddington.

Paddington's railway service:

London Paddington is a major Central London railway terminus and an underground complex which has been serving the city people since 1838. Since it became functional, the Paddington railway station has been playing a major role in connecting Central London with rest of the city. The original western terminus of world's first underground railway-the Metropolitan Railway was based at the Paddington. Today's Paddington however bears a modern look and now it serves as the terminal for dedicated Heathrow Express that connects Central London with the Heathrow Airport. Besides, it makes way for the commuters to a number of major long distant places such as Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham Spa, Penzance, Plymouth, Exeter and Swansea.
Paddington railway station or London Paddington provides service to the commuters through four underground lines and two stations. One is the Bakerloo having two lines- Bakerloo Circle and Bakerloo District and the other is Hammerssmith & City and Circle. While the Bakerloo serves the southern zone, the Hammersmith lines serve the North. Trains on the Hammersmith City route stop at the Hammersmith and Barking stations and on the Circle line they share the tracks with the City line from Hammersmith to suburban Paddington. On the Bakerloo District line, trains run between Edgware Road and Wimbledon and one the Bakerloo Circle Line service is offered between Harrow & Wealdstone and Elephant & Castle stations.

Easy access to major tourist attractions:

Apart from linking the City of Westminster with rest of Central London and connecting the city with the Heathrow Airport, Paddington also offers very easy accesses to some of the prime areas in the West end, the most important area of Central London, in terms of tourist attractions. Hyde Park, Oxford Street and Bayswater, three big highlights of London's West end are within the vicinity of Paddington.

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