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Painmaster Helps Fibromyalgia

Press release   •   Jun 04, 2014 16:07 BST

Fybromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder, affecting millions of people around the world. This condition makes the lives of these people extremely unpleasant, due to the widespread pain it causes. It has recently come to light, however, that the Painmaster MCT Patches can be effective at reducing the pain associated with this condition.

The initial breakthroughs were seen in Sweden, after the product was tested by the Swedish Fibromyalgia Association. Although skeptical at first, they trialed the product with a number of their patients and started to see more and more success. After some experimentation, they worked out the best method of applying the product for Fibromyalgia, to the extent that the majority of the people who tried the product felt a significant decrease in their pain levels. 

To treat the condition effectively, sufferers would be asked to locate up to three of the worst affected areas of the body and place Painmaster patches around these locations. These patches would then be left on for a minimum of three days after which the reduction in pain often occurred. Due to the success of the patches, the association rated the product 4.5/5.

Painmaster MCT Patch b.v. is the European distributor of Painmaster Micro Current Therapy Patches, a revolutionary new miniaturized version of micro current therapy. 

Based in the Netherlands, they are promoting Painmaster MCT Patches all over Europe.