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Paint Removal Solutions Offering Safe, Toxic-Free Paint Stripper Products

Press release   •   Apr 23, 2012 14:41 BST

Southport, Merseyside, 23rd April 2012 : Paint removal Solutions ( is pleased to announce that it offers eco friendly paint stripper products to the general public. These paint removal products are safe to humans and pets and very effective as a paint stripper on a variety of surfaces. They also meet the new safety guidelines as established by the UK Health and Environmental Risk Committee.

UK residents may or may not be aware that the Health and Environmental Risk Committee reported that exposure to Dichloromethane (DCM) can be unhealthy to humans. DCM is contained in many of the major brands of paint strippers and has been banned for purchase by both individuals and professionals as of December 2011. The committee reported that DCM exposure may be accomplished by absorption through inhalation as well as through the skin. Exposure may cause a narcotic effect as well as cause depression of the central nervous system.

Because of these health risks, new paint stripper formulations had to be created that are safe for both the public and for professionals. Paint Removal Solutions did just that. They spent a considerable amount of time and effort in developing their waterbased paint remover that is now being offered for sale via their online store. Their eco friendly waterbased paint remover is also effective in removing varnish and can be safely used on a variety of surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, brick, glass, aluminum, and many other surfaces as well.

Benefits to using this product include: it is non-flammable, lower level of odour, will not burn flesh if splashed, much lower VOC content, can be used indoors, easy to wash off and clean up, and it is far better for the environment than previous types of paint removers.

In terms of application and use benefits, the product provides an opaque consistency which helps the user to visualize application on surfaces; its slower evaporation time allows for longer paint stripping time; product does not immediate cause blistering to the paint, and it activates a chemical chain reaction that continues through many layers of paint.

This paint removal product can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which include: antique restoration projects, use by professional refurbishment companies, can be safely used and sold by paint and lacquer distributors, great for a variety of do it yourself projects, and it can also be used in many industrial applications where removal of old paint is required.

To learn more about this eco friendly paint remover, simply visit their website. Detailed information on DCM hazards as well as information on this new safer product is available. Visitors can also learn more on the types of projects that this paint stripper is commonly used on, and even learn more on how to effectively remove old paint using these new products. The company cautions that while DCM paint stripper products are not to be sold any longer, many products are still in the hands of individuals and professionals who may have purchased those products before the ban went into effect. Always check your product before using to ensure that it is DCM free.

Visit this site to learn more about safety related paint removal issues that can affect individuals as well as professional who use paint stripper products.