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Press release   •   Mar 21, 2012 02:16 GMT

Haven't we all had a restoration job that we have undertaken which turns out to be a lot more complex than it first appears?

One of the most difficult jobs in doing up any old room or house is removing the old paint. It always requires a huge amount of chemicals and elbow grease to even get the first few layers off but to actually get it back to bare wood or brick or stone or whatever the underlying surface is needs patience and hard labour.
If one is to do a proper job of the restoration, and a proper job is what one should really do then it is important to get to the bare surface before re-coating. If one goes into many of the houses in most estates in the UK one will see layers paint jobs which are obviously layer upon layers, where the imperfections in an underlying layer are exaggerated by the next coat and no matter how carefully done they are obvious.

Commercial paint stripper, which, while not perfect certainly does loosen the underlying layers of pigment has had one of the main ingredients it was using, dichloromethane, banned due to concerns about the health hazards attached to DCM which can either have a narcotic effect through inhalation (like paint and glue sniffing) and can affect the central nervous system. In addition apparently DCM will permeate through the skin on contact

Now a new, water based and non toxic paint stripper has been released. Environmentally friendly and having a far lower level of smell it is non volatile and can be happily used indoors. It is an opaque gel like liquid which when applied is clearly visible.

DCM based paint strippers used to be very active and volatile so that when one applied them the paint blistered and had to be scraped off quickly before the DCM flashed off. This water based Enviromose paint stripper, being water based does not evaporate that rapidly and will penetrate many layers of old paint allowing application to a larger area and a more leaisrel6y scraping off as the reaction on the underlying layers of paint are also softened.

Another big advantage of the water based paint stripper is that it is benign to hard surfaces. This means that the paint may be stripped off without damage to the underlying surfaces. These surfaces are often plaster and unless originally well done are likely to crumble with age. But even if the underlying surface is plastic or wood there will be no effect.

Application is dead easy and involves painting the stuff on, after first masking areas not to be stripped like the floor. The first layer should be evenly painted on and then a second coat applied to the paint which will have already started blistering. This may now be left to react for as long as a whole day and then the surface should be scraped clean. A further coat may be applied to areas where all the underlying paint has not come off.

This new eco-friendly paint stripper is available to order now.

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A water based non toxic paint stripper that will not flash off and produces very good results.