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Panasonic Announces a Trio of New Active Style Camcorders

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2013 09:00 GMT

Adding to its award winning portfolio, Panasonic is pleased to announce the release of three new Full-HD upright camcorders – introducing the HX-WA30, HX-WA3 and HX-DC3.  With their ergonomic upright design the new additions are perfect for stable single-handed shooting allowing the user to capture action footage with ease.  With different features to cater for different levels of activeness, rest assured there’s a perfect model for everyone this year!


Perfect for the adventurous shooter, the all-singing, all-dancing waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof WA30 with built-in Wi-Fi is a small camcorder with some big attitude.

Quad Proof Tough Design for Reliable Shooting in Harsh Conditions

Waterproof[1], shockproof[2], freezeproof[3] and dustproof, this new addition has been designed to handle tough situations, making it possible to shoot even in harsher conditions.  Enjoying increased toughness from its popular predecessor, the WA30 is set to be a firm favourite.

  • Designed for active use, the WA30 can be used to a depth of 10 meters underwater allowing users to shoot scenes under deep water while diving.  Even when users are  not being adventurous the waterproof design is perfect for simply shooting in rainy weather – no there’s no reason to stop filming
  • The WA30 enjoys a 1.5 metre shockproof design which prevents damage even when the camcorder accidentally falls from a pocket or bag
  • The WA30’s -10°C freezeproof design allows active shooting during winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding
  • The dustproof design lets users shoot safely in sandy or dusty environments, such as the beach

Built-in Wi-Fi

Sharing footage is effortlessly easy thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi functions that link with a smartphone or tablet for easy sharing, and live view control.  Recorded footage can be easily played on a smartphone or tablet and the users can also save selected scenes, and easily share them on SNS with drag & drop operation.  Installation of the "Panasonic Image App" allows the users to operate zoom in/out, shutter ON/OFF and other functions from a distance while watching the results in live view on a smartphone or tablet.  Playback of high-resolution photos or videos is also easy on a DLNA-compatible TV[4] without having to insert an SD Memory Card or connect any cables.

Super Slow Video Perfect for Action Sports

Action sports, such as surfing and skiing look great slowed down, which is why the WA30 can record slow motion video in HD. Impressive slow motion video is crisp and clear in 1280 x 720/120 fps HD quality. In addition, 640 x 360/240 fps, and 320 x 180/480 fps shooting are also supported.

Take Creative Control

The WA30’s Creative Control feature allows users to shoot ordinary objects with special effects to create unique footage.  The Creative Control comprises of 12 filters- Miniature Effect, One Point Colour, Old Movie, Time Lapse Rec, Ghost Effect, Fish-eye Effect, HDR Paint, Soft Skin, Monochrome, Sepia, Vivid, and Soft - for highly expressive video and still images. Recorded data can also be retouched.

Zoom in and Shoot

Boasting a 5x Optical zoom and 18x Intelligent zoom, shooting far away subjects is effortless and the 28mm wide-angle[5] lens fits more people and more of the background into the frame than conventional models. If users want to capture still images as well – no problems, the WA30 captures 16 megapixel still images.

Eye-Fi Compatible[6]

By using the Eye-Fi™ card, users can save files recorded on the card on a PC, or upload them to SNS via a wireless network. Users can also directly transport the data to their device (smartphone, tablet etc.) without connecting another access point.


Sitting alongside the WA30, the WA3 is waterproof[7] to 5 meters, freezeproof to -10°C and dustproof, ensuring it can confidently capture action footage.  Perfect for sun holidayers, winter holidayers, cyclists, walkers and skiers, the versatile WA3 will be used all year round. In addition to its tough design, the WA3 boasts an Intelligent 18x Zoom allowing users to  shoot faraway subjects with ease, and images will be blur free thanks to the Active E.I.S.

Two in One Hybrid Camera

As with the WA30, the WA3 can confidently capture 16 megapixel still images offering users the flexibility of still or moving images depending on the situation. Users can also capture 2-megapixel still images while recording a video by simply pressing the Photoshot button[8]. Highly versatile, the WA3 and WA30 feature the Burst Shooting function[9] which allows the camcorder to snap up to 10 consecutive 3-megapixel still images, which are fired off at 1-second intervals for a total of 12 continuous images in about 1.2 seconds. Perfect for getting good shots of subjects in fast motion, users just fire off a number of shots without stopping, then keep the best ones and delete the rest.


The upright DC3 is the perfect lifestyle camcorder to capture all your leisure and fun!  Suitable for active use thanks to the Active E.I.S for blur-free shooting, the DC3 also features an Intelligent 15x Zoom, ensuring users can capture subjects in the distance with ease.

Incredibly slim and compact, the DC3 weighs a mere 162g - not dissimilar to the weight of a smartphone.  Belying its sleek size, the DC3 can record Full HD video (1920 x 1080), 16-Megapixel still picture recording, as well as offering Creative Control and being Eye-Fi Compatible. With its pocketable dimensions and ergonomic design the DC3 is the perfect lifestyle camcorder for capturing those spontaneous moments with ease.

The HX-WA30, HX-WA3 and HX-DC3 will be available from March.



Main Features for the HX-WA30

1.  Quad Proof Tough Design for Reliable Shooting in Harsh Conditions

2.  Versatile Creative Shooting for Videos and Still Pictures

3.  Easy Live View Control and Sharing with Built-in Wi-Fi

4.  Stunning Full-HD Video Shooting and 16-Megapixel Still Picture Recording with the BSI MOS Sensor which Shows Great Low-light Performance

5.  28mm-Wide Angle

6.  Intelligent 18x Zoom with New Active Image Stabilizer

7.  New Wind Noise Cut

8.  Eye-Fi Compatible

Main Features for the HX-WA3

1.  Tough Design –16ft / -5m Waterproof*, 14°F / -10°C Freezeproof and Dustproof

2. Stunning Full-HD Video Shooting and 16-Megapixel Still Picture recording by 11.90-Megapixel MOS Sensor

3.  Creative Control for Versatile Expression

4.  Intelligent 18x Zoom with New Active Image Stabilizer

5.  Eye-Fi Compatible

Main Features for the HX-DC3

1.  Compact, Slim and Stylish Design Weighing Less than 60z / 162g

2.  Stunning Full-HD Video Shooting and 16-Megapixel Still Picture Recordingwith 11.90-Megapixel MOS Sensor

3.  Creative Control for Versatile Expression

4.  Intelligent 15x Zoom with Active Image Stabilizer

5.  Eye-Fi Compatible

Creative Video Examples;

One Pt Colour:

8mm Movie:

Interval Shooting:

Miniature Mode:

[1] To 10 meters

[2] To 1.5 meters

[3] To -10°C

[4] DLNA wireless playback is not available depending on the Recording Mode. Compatibility may vary depending on the TV

[5] 35mm camera equivalent

[6] The functions of the Eye-Fi™ card (including wireless transmission) are not guaranteed to work on this product. In the case of a malfunction of the card, please contact the card manufacturer.

• To use the Eye-Fi™ card, permission from the national or regional government is required. Do not use if you have not obtained permission. If you are unsure as to whether use is permitted, please check with card manufacturer.

• Install the software supplied with the Eye-Fi™ card in advance on your PC, and configure the Eye-Fi™ settings. (For settings methods etc., please read the card operating instructions or consult the card manufacturer)

[7] Waterproof and Dustproof: This camera's waterproof / dustproof rating complies with IPX8 and IP6X ratings. This does not guarantee no destruction, no malfunction, or waterproofing in all conditions.

[8] Varies depending on the video mode used for shooting.

[9] 16M burst shooting: Approx. 1 image/sec. Consecutive shooting of up to 10 images.

 3M burst shooting: Approx. 10 images/sec. Consecutive shooting of up to 12 images.

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