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Panasonic Expands Digital Cordless Phone Range with Two New Smart, Sleek and Stylish Models

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 00:01 BST

1st July 2013: – Panasonic has announced today two new products in its premium range of Digital Cordless Phones (DECT): the Panasonic KX-PRS120 and KX-PRW120 model.

Designed with European customers in mind, KX-PRS120 and KX-PRW120 present a sophisticated and modern design, offering users a much more comfortable, luxurious and advanced telephone experience at home or in the office.

The flagship model, KX-PRW120, combines a sophisticated design with an advanced state-of-the-art Smartphone Connect functionality for smartphone and tablet users, with additional rich and unique features.

The KX-PRS120 model demonstrates a compact and slim design, with a simple but stylish form and rich functionality that ensures excellent performance.

The additional two models in the line-up are the KX-PRW110 and the KX-PRS110, which offer the same features and design as KX-PRW120 and KX-PRS120 but do not include an answering machine (depends on sales company).

Both of the new Panasonic DECT models have been designed with the user in mind. All handsets boast a beautiful shape which harmonise with the aspirational interior in consumers’ homes and offices. The easy-to-navigate layout provides the simplest and most intuitive experience. A beautiful graphic user interface displayed on a large 2.2” (QVGA) TFT colour LCD ensures numbers and text are easy to read, while the oversized, well laid out buttons enable easy operation.

The KX-PRW120 is the perfect choice for business professionals as well as families, offering a very unique horizontal lay-down style handset for an easy grab and grip as well as a hook-like charger with a magnetic adaptor, enabling the handset to sit securely in place. Users also enjoy the premium touch and feel thanks to the real metal material on the handset.

The KX-PRS120 meanwhile, has a simple, slim and stylish design which fits well in a modern interior. The subtle surface of the handset facilitates tactile differentiation of each key.  Even with its slim shape, the handset has a good grip and can stand up by itself for an easier hands-free conversation.

Smartphone Connect Functionality

The KX-PRW120 benefits from the inclusion of a Wi-Fi feature which broadens your communication abilities. With the Smartphone Connect Application, your smartphone transforms into a DECT handset. You can register up to four devices such as your smartphone and tablet via Wi-Fi as a handset and also register five additional DECT handsets. With an incoming call, there is no need to rush to your DECT handset, as you can also take the call with your smartphone at home.

The KX-PRW120 handset can also be used as an intercom in combination with the smartphone. Easily transfer an incoming call from the landline to the smartphone or set up a conference call between the handset, smartphone and another party. It's the simplest, most convenient way to connect and communicate.

At home, registered devices can manage landline calls via Wi-Fi by being able to:

·  Answer a landline call

·  Make a call via a landline connection

·  Use the device as an intercom

·  Transfer a call1

·  Establish a conference call2

Smartphone Connect Application

The Panasonic Smartphone Application transforms a user’s smartphone or tablet into a handset for the KX-PRW120 via a Wi-Fi connection. You can conveniently make a call with your own smartphone via a landline connection, which could even reduce your communication costs. Also by connecting to the landline via Wi-Fi, you can avoid a weak mobile network signal as well. Furthermore, when a call comes in on your landline to the KX-PRW120, the number is displayed on your smartphone as well.

Crystal clear conversations, whatever the conditions

With over 15 years of experience in the DECT market and even longer in the audio market, Panasonic boasts the know-how when it comes to superior sound quality. All of the new handsets feature outstandingly clear sound even when far away from the base unit, thanks to the error correction system which enables clearer phone conversations with fewer interruptions. Whether you are in the house, down in the basement or outside on the patio, you can enjoy glitch-free conversations.

  1 A landline call can be transferred to a DECT handset and registered devices.

  2 A conference call among registered DECT handsets and another party through the landline.


One reason is that all of Panasonic’s new DECT phones feature the Noise Reduction Function, helping reduce the background noise of the person with whom you are speaking. Whether you are chatting on the phone with your relative while the children are making noise in the background, or calling a friend who is out shopping in a busy street, you will be able to have clear conversations with minimal background noise. 

Outstanding sound quality

The new models also feature a Customised Sound System which enables you to adjust the pitch of voices on the phone and enjoy smooth and comfortable conversations.

Packed with top features

Despite their small, slim yet stylish design, the KX-PRS120 and the KX-PRW120 are packed with a host of innovative features that make managing calls easier than ever. The key features include:

·  2.2 inch TFT colour LCD (QVGA)

·  Smartphone Connect (KX-PRW series only)

·  Talking Caller ID (Text to Speech) for English and German (UK and Germany models)

·  Noise Reduction

·  Incoming/Outgoing Call Barring to help minimise unwanted or nuisance calls

·  One-Touch Eco mode – one touch of a button reduces signal output by up to 90 percent

·  Advanced TAM – answering feature with notification to another device

·  Baby monitor

·  Key Finder accessory (Optional)

·  Advanced Alarm Clock

·  Caller ID memory


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