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Panasonic introduces smart new sensor technology with extended washing machine range

Press Release   •   Sep 03, 2014 14:45 BST

Berlin, Germany, 3rd September 2014 - Panasonic today announces the addition of two new models to its washing machine range, both of which draw on Panasonic’s extensive experience with sensor technology. The additions – the Inverter models NA-148XS1 and NA-148XR1 – incorporate Panasonic’s ‘ECONAVI’ sensor technology, enabling easy-to-operate laundry care with a new ‘AutoCare’ automatic washing programme that is tailored to the unique requirements of each load.

Panasonic has years of experience developing smart technology for an array of products and solutions. From Intelligent Auto Plus in LUMIX cameras to automotive sensors that flag potential danger to the driver, this technology is designed to make the users life easier. Now Panasonic has developed an intelligent sensor technology for its latest range of washing machines. The ‘ECONAVI’ four sensor system provides for an innovative AutoCare programme.

Both new washing machine models have been awarded an A+++ -40[1] rating, so you can be sure of outstanding energy efficiency and lower household bills.The NA-148XS1 model also comes equipped with Panasonic’s time-saving Steam Action technology for wrinkle and allergen-free clothes, as well as refreshment of clothes without the need to wash.

Smart sensor technology for washing made simple

Panasonic’s AutoCare programme takes the hassle out of laundry, removing the need to manually set the washing cycle. The ‘ECONAVI’ four-sensor system intelligently detects the optimum washing time, temperature, water volume, soil degree and spinning time for your washing, ensuring that the machine operates at the optimum performance while ensuring delicate care for your laundry.

When a smaller load is placed into the NA-148XS1 and NA-148XR1 models, the Wash Load sensor detects that the smaller volume of clothes will need less water. As a result, the AutoCare programme adjusts the volume of water and calculates the washing time required for the cycle, efficiently managing water consumption and energy use.

When the water temperature is warmer, less time is needed to heat the machine up to the required temperature to perfectly dilute the detergent. Panasonic’s Water Temperature sensor detects the actual temperature of the supplied water to ensure fast and ideal dissolving of the detergent and again automatically regulates the wash cycle to its optimum length.

The Optical sensor ensures that laundry is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently by determining the levels of dirt within the load and adjusting washing time, temperature setting, water levels and the appropriate number of rinse cycles. The Optical sensor also uses an infrared ray to intelligently measure the opaqueness of detergent-water, identifying both the degree of dirt on the clothes and the detergent type within the drum, subsequently instructing the machine to operate at intensive or light mode as suitable.

Synthetic materials require a shorter spin time than cottons, due to the volume of water the material holds. With Panasonic’s Material sensor, the proportion of cottons and synthetics within the load are detected via the water weight held within the fabric and the optimum spin time is applied.

Maren Stein, Product Manager Major Domestic Appliances, Panasonic said, “We designed our latest series to make washing simpler than ever. With Panasonic’s AutoCare function the uncertainty that comes with selecting washing temperatures and cycle times suitable for your load is removed, providing reassurance that clothes are washed with optimum efficiency and care. Our machines suit all lifestyles, whether that’s time-poor parents, laundry novices who aren’t confident with wash settings, or those of us who just want the simplicity of washing laundry with a single press of a button.”

Energy efficient technology

Utilising the inverter controlled brushless motor and innovative 3D sensor technology, Panasonic’s 3D HydroActive+ feature enables you to save energy and water when washing. The three multi-directional 3D HydroActive+ showers are more powerful and have a wide reach – from the front of the drum to the very back. This ensures the rapid delivery of water for deep penetration of detergents and high rinsing performance, producing clean fabrics efficiently and with less energy consumption.

Steam Action: Wrinkle reduction, freshening up without washing and allergen removal

Panasonic’s Steam Action technology in the NA-148XS1 relieves the chores of ironing by injecting steam into the clothes during the wash-cycle, penetrating the fibres to loosen the fabric and help clothes to emerge wrinkle-free.

The Steam Refresh programme is perfect for those in a hurry but who need to freshen up a dress or a shirt. The short cycle injects steam to release creases and odour particles from fibres without having to wash the clothes in full.

For allergy sufferers, the Steam Allergy-care programme removes 99.9%2 of allergens, reassuring you that your clothes remain dust-mite and pollen-free.

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[1] 40% more energy efficient compared to the limit of highest energy efficiency class A+++ (EEI 46) calculated according to EU Regulation 1061/2010 [2010/30/EU].

2Only applicable for the Panasonic steam washing machines  – endorsed by Allergy UK.

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