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Panasonic invites you to ‘Think again’

Press release   •   May 11, 2016 13:00 BST

Panasonic Business has today announced the launch of ‘Think again’, a new integrated advertising campaign that asks people to reassess what the Japanese manufacturer means to them.The playful campaign asks the question, “You thought Panasonic just made great TVs?” before inviting people to ‘Think again’ with a series of facts, world records and case studies that highlight the company’s B2B pedigree.

For instance, did you know that, for each of the last three decades, Panasonic has been the world’s leading patent producer? Or that Panasonic leads the world in rugged computers, high brightness projectors and in-flight entertainment systems?

The campaign mini-site ( features dozens of fascinating facts and introduces visitors to a selection of case studies, including how Panasonic ensured the Sochi Olympics was the best protected Games in history, thanks to a record number of CCTV cameras.

Commenting on the new campaign, Stephen Yeo, European Marketing Director for Panasonic Business, said, “Panasonic has built up an excellent reputation for producing high quality electronic products, but most people would only really know us for great TVs and cameras. In fact, our products are all around you, many embedded in other things like cars, phones, and domestic appliances. Every day, you will probably use something made by Panasonic in your home or working life.

“While you may know us for excellent TVs, sales of business and industrial products are actually over 70% of our business, we hope this campaign can help balance the perception a little.”

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