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Panic Music Rehearsal Studios Goes From Strength To Strength

Press Release   •   Oct 29, 2010 12:36 BST

With respected UK drummer Mark Roberts (D:Ream, Godfathers) at the helm, the idea was to create a rehearsal studio that focuses heavily on quality and high standards at great value for money.  This he has achieved in only a few years and is already being used by many of the UK’s major artists and bands. “When a major artist comes to Panic rehearsal rooms they know that they can get on with job without being discovered and hassled by fans or press as we are pretty much off the beaten track” adds Mark.


With over 25 years experience using the best (and some of the worst!) rehearsal rooms the UK has to offer, Mark knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and as a result a diverse number of bands, musicians and artists rehearse there...whether it be for a local gig, major tour, showcase or video shoot.


Tom Meadows (drummer for Girls Aloud, Lucie Silvas) prefers Panic as he knows how important it is that the rooms sound good, have equipment that is well maintained and work well. Nothing is more annoying when an amp goes down and you have only one day left to rehearse, and as Mark adds “It’s crucial that all the rooms sound good and are well maintained with quality equipment that works well”.


Many of the major artists who use Panic have their favourite rooms, but they know that they are able to any of the rooms and be happy as all the rooms are of the highest quality using the latest gear (expand slightly).


Price and equipment are always important, and as rehearsal studios in London go it isn’t too expensive either as Andy W of Base Experience adds “Speaking of which, this rehearsal place we're going to be using looks pretty good: prices top out at £12 odd an hour on Sundays, but during the weekdays the day rate is £11 an hour(!) - when I used to rehearse at Stage2000 in Dundee the rate there was anywhere between 12 and 16 pounds an hour! And having just checked their site it's still exactly the same! I dunno, I just expected rehearsal rooms in London to be more expensive: after all, you're ripping off people with dreams here, they'll pay... and the gear at Panic Music is nice too: ashdown rigs in most of the rooms, and trace gear in the others!”.


By providing a ‘one-stop’ facility bands feel comfortable and know that they get what they need quickly and efficiently, without wasting any precious rehearsal time running around chasing someone who is too busy too help.


With a place to buy your spare guitar strings, drum sticks etc., storage cages used by the bigger bands, a chill-out area and tuck shop, It’s no wonder that everyone who comes to Panic speaks so highly of the place…


as Mark says: “When a band walks into a room, it’s ready to go.”



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