Patients Pending LTD appoints Per Olof Wallström Chairman of the Board

Press Release   •   Feb 07, 2013 10:33 GMT

Scandinavian businessman joins Europe’s most exciting medical device startup as chairman.

Stockholm, 7 February 2012: Patients Pending Ltd, the company responsible for the design and manufacture of the timer enabled replacement cap for insulin pens, Timesulin, has just confirmed the appointment of Scandinavian businessman P.O. Wallström as the new Chairman of the Board. Wallström joins the team responsible for the production of the diabetes world’s most talked about new innovation, adding his solid background in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to the company’s - aiding in the brand’s mission to make life easier for all living with diabetes.

Per Olof (P.O.) Wallström’s career over the past four decades spans the breadth of the Nordic pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. He has held senior management positions within Merck, Astra, Pharmacia and Bristol-Myers Squibb and served as CEO of Q-Med AB, Melacure Therapeutics AB and Karo Bio AB in Sweden. Wallström is the co-founder of Arosia Communications AB, a company providing consultancy, management and mentoring services to executives in the healthcare. In addition to his new role as chairman of the board for Patients Pending LTD, he also serves as chairman for Arosgruppen Holding AB. Additionally, Wallström serves on the boards of Aggal Invest AB, Camurus AB, Hansa Medical AB and MediPlast AB.

Wallström takes over the reigns from former chairman of the Patients Pending Ltd. Board, Anna Tenstam Lundvall, who leaves the board to fill the position of Chief Commercial Officer for Timesulin, responsible for the brand’s global network of distributors. Timesulin is currently available for sale in over 40 countries around the globe, spreading like wildfire in the year since its commercial launch in February 2012. To learn more about Timesulin, visit www.timesulin.com.


Patients Pending Ltd is the company responsible for Timesulin - a replacement cap that turns any insulin pen into a ‘smart pen’ to show how long it’s been since the last insulin injection, helping to ease daily worries for people living with diabetes and preventing accidental missed or double doses and making life easier for all people living with diabetes.