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‘People Need to Feel Proud of What They Do’ Warns The Hive Collective

Press release   •   Jul 20, 2018 14:36 BST

A new study is claiming that in the UK the majority of workers feel proud of the work they do. The Hive Collective has responded to the research and shared the steps it is taking to give its people the freedom to pursue their passions and feel proud of their work.

The Hive Collective: About the firm

A new poll published by The Telegraph has revealed that most UK workers are proud of the work they do, and that job satisfaction is considered the most significant benefit among UK professionals.

The survey, which polled over 2000 workers found that alongside job satisfaction; being challenged and "making a difference" topped the list of benefits Brits believe they receive by going to work. Half of the respondents also admitted they would choose a fulfilling job that paid poorly, over a well-paid job that was unfulfilling and uninspiring.

The Hive Collective, a sales and marketing agency and talent hub believes these latest findings highlight a changing mentality among the UK’s workforce and companies need to sit up and take notice. ‘Today’s professionals, especially the younger generation don’t look at a job as simply a means to pay bills, they see it as an opportunity to grow. The traditional 9 to 5 is no longer the norm as people want flexibility and the chance to take on more responsibility to build their skills and secure a better future,’ outlines Matt Stewart, CEO of The Hive Collective.

The Hive Collective was established on similar principles. As well as operating as a marketing agency the firm is focused on bringing people together and offering the right tools and environment to help them thrive within the industry.

The Hive Collective is confident that it is meeting the three core needs outlined in the poll through this commitment to supporting up and coming talent in the industry. Through its skills workshops and interactive mentoring opportunities, the firm’s workforce can find satisfaction through pursuing the areas of the industry that interest them the most. The Hive Collective also offers a goal orientated reward culture and gives people regular opportunities to take on leadership responsibilities and help others thrive; fulling UK professionals’ desires to be challenged and make a difference in the workplace.

As well as delivering exceptional in-person campaigns on behalf of their clients, The Hive Collective is focused on supporting emerging sales and marketing talent. The agency believes it’s only right that everyone gets a shot at success, as such it doesn’t focus on background, qualifications or experience when building their community, and they are keen to hear from anyone interested in taking control of their professional futures and building success from the ground up.



CEO: Matt Stewart

Here at The Hive Collective, we believe that promoting is way more effective face to face than any other form of marketing. Simply because you can’t beat the personal touch! In a world where everything is online and on social media, the reason our clients love us is because we haven’t strayed away from the importance of human contact.