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Performance Speed Great On The New Motorola Razr And The HTC Sensation XL

Press Release   •   Nov 20, 2011 13:04 GMT

The new iPhone 4S from Apple has raised the bar in terms of what we can now expect from a modern smartphone. Several manufacturers have responded swiftly to this release by launching premium models of their own. Here we look at two of the main challengers to the new iPhone, the Motorola Razr and the HTC Sensation XL.

Both of these models prove incredibly powerful which results in a fast performance times. The Motorola Razr runs from a Ti-OMAP 4430 chipset that includes a great 1.2 Ghz dual core processor and a PowerVR SGX540 graphics processing unit. Together with the impressive 1GB of RAM that the model boasts this set up delivers superb performance that eclipses what the HTC Sensation XL has to offer. With this model HTC have opted to fit a single core chip but one that is very powerful at 1.5Ghz. Although this chip does offer some tremendous speed it does not perform as well as the Razr for multitasking facilities. An excellent Adreno 205 GPU does a great job of providing crystal clear graphics but the 768MB of RAM does seem slightly lightweight compared against similar models.

In the display department these two devices both offer very high quality screens but once again it is the Motorola Razrthat impresses us more. The Razr incorporates the very latest Super AMOLED screen which measures 4.3 inches. The screen can produce a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels which means that a superb pixel density of 256 pixels per inch can be displayed. This screen offers a superior image quality to the S-LCD display that is used in the Sensation XL. Despite being a larger screen size than the Razr at 4.7 inches the display offers a lower resolution of 480 x 800. The result of this is that a much lower pixel density of just 199 per inch can be displayed by the phone.

One area where the HTC Sensation XL does impress is in the software department. Despite both models offering the same Android operating system the HTC uses the superb Sense user interface which offers a host of features that make the day to day use of the phone very simple and enjoyable. This UI boasts improved widgets and superb social network integration. The Motorola Razr does sport its own UI which does look attractive and offer some neat features such media streaming and an impressive lock screen but only time will tell if it can match the superb quality of Sense.

The Motorola Razr and the HTC Sensation XL are two super mobile phones that compete directly with some of the very best devices available. The Motorola Razr does prove the more impressive of the two thanks to its gorgeous display and powerful dual core processor.

The Motorola Razr and the HTC Sensation XL are available now.

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