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Personalised Birthday cards from Amys Bloomers

Press Release   •   Nov 06, 2010 08:24 GMT

Personalised Birthday Cards

Finding the perfect Birthday card online  for your loved ones (or not, as the
case may be!) can be very tricky - browsing through the racks of high-street
card shops is often a nightmare, and they never seem to have the 'right' card.

Or, even worse, you find the birthday card you think is perfect, only to find
a relative or friend has pipped you to the post, and given them the exact
same card!

Not only very embarrassing, this also gives the impression you didn't care,
and picked the most popular, nearest card on the shelf.

A great way to avoid this is by buying personalised Birthday cards on the

Here, there is, quite literally, an unlimited amount of choice and range of
cards - with the chance to add your own messages and make it completely
unique, so no more cringe-worthy card twins on top of the TV! offers a great range of Personalised greeting cards
for every occasion - so there is absolutely nothing we can't help you to

From birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs, we can make your card original and thoughtful,
with a range of more sombre cards for the less happy occasions, too. With our
customisation service on all of our personalised greeting cards, you can make
that card that little bit more thoughtful and personal - show them that you
really do care.

Some examples of fantastic personalised greeting cards include ideas for
Fathers Day - as we all know each of our dads is different. Some dads love
the cricket, while others love roller-blading! But when was the last time you
saw a fantastic roller-blading themed card for Father's Day in your average
high-street? I'm guessing not at all.

Due to supply and demand, the big chains simply can't create unique and fun
cards for the unique and fun dad - but on-line you can personalise any card
for any dad and create a Father's Day card he is sure to remember (and show
off to visitors) at any opportunity!

Of course, sometimes we need to buy personalised greeting cards for a less
happy situation. Greetings cards for a loss, a sympathy card or a remembrance
can be incredibly tricky. How can you truly express your feelings of sorrow,
regret or remembrance of someone special with an "off-the-shelf" card that
hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people have already seen or sent?

Sometimes we need something deeply personal and unique - not only to show we
care, but to express ourselves properly.

Not all of us are creative - in fact, some of us come out in a cold sweat at
the thought of having to create something creative for someone else to admire.

Which is why  is so impressive with its range of
Personalised greeting cards which allow absolutely anyone to create something
unique and thoughtful with just a few clicks - and really let someone else
know you are thinking of them and took the time out to let them know. From
sombre and simple, to heart-warming with a chance to include a few messages
of how you remembered a person- perhaps a short anecdote or a quote, with
personalised greeting cards you can always express yourself exactly how you
wish, and never have to worry about offending someone with something that
isn't quite how you, or they, would have wanted. is a UK based website set up to ensure ease of use for end users.

All personalised cards are printed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.The cards are printed by a trade printer using digital printing technology.

The website is updated by the IT team which is based in Derbyshire, England.

The images used for the cards are submitted by artists from around the globe.

Amys Bloomers are always looking for new artists and affilaite / joint venture partners.