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Phantom Fly Screens Feature Finger Pull System Pre-Empting a Change to UK Blind Safety Laws

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2011 12:43 GMT

Following the tragic death of a 21 month old boy in July this year in an accident involving a window blind cord, the law surrounding the length of blind cords looks set to be changed in an effort to improve safety standards.

The new legislation which will be set by the European Union doesn’t look set to come into play until 2012 however RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) have already commented that over 15 children and toddlers have been involved in accidents involving blinds resulting in death in Britain since 1999.

All blinds which are professionally fitted within the UK must by law, be fitted with a cleat which allows the cord to be tied up out of the way. This law however does not carry over to homeowners who may fit their own blinds.

UK based Phantom Fly Screens who manufacture fly screens for windows and doors are pre-empting the change to the law featuring a finger hook system on all blackout blinds meaning there is no cord to become entangled with improving safety standards across the board.

The new European legislation I likely to dictate that all blind cords will be no longer than 20cm in length which following tests is the length of which is determined to be safe enough not to cause asphyxiation should a child become entangled in the cord.

Simon Young, Managing Director Phantom Fly Screens UK commented: “Phantom Screens blackout blinds are cordless and operate by a finger pull bar along the bottom of the blackout roller blind. If a blackout blind is too high, we can provide a telescopic tool that extends from 15cm to 100cm that will latch onto the finger pull and enable you to shut blinds that are out of reach without the need for a cord.”

Phantom Fly Screens manufacture retractable fly screens and insect screens for doors, windows and conservatories.