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Press release   •   Jun 20, 2011 11:30 BST

For the first time in its history, The Royal College of Arts will host an exhibition for the sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography students featuring respected international photographer, Rachel Louise Brown, with photo books as the primary medium.

Rachel commissioned Yorkshire digital print company, RiverDigital, to produce a limited edition run of 150 ʻThe Malevolent Eyeʼ photo books, a dark and very different take on some everyday subjects. 

The 52 page panoramic lay-flat book was created by Brown using RiverDigitalʼs photo book software iPrintPhoto (based on the class-leading TAOPIX platform).

Says Jez Raby, RiverDigital Director “We knew it was something special when we saw the job come through the system - the imagery was stunning. In fact when Rachel received her book she contacted us to tell us how fantastic the book looked and could we help with a number of other pieces”.

“Rachel visited the RiverDigital site and worked with us for a week so we could fine tune her books by trying different stocks before finally settling on an elegant matte finish. We also produced bespoke embossed album cases and custom linings.”

Continues Ollie Renshaw, RiverDigital Director: “This project has been one of the most challenging in our short history and, to meet Rachel’s exacting requirements, we had to push our output devices to their limits. However using both our Epson inkjet and Xerox toner technologies, combined with our hand-crafted manufacturing process for each photo book component, we could ensure that we delivered the exact quality that Rachel was looking for.”

ʻThe Malevolent Eyeʼ can be viewed, and purchased, at the Royal College of Arts, TestBed1 Exhibition space. 


River Digital is based in Emley, Yorkshire, formed in 2009, to provide a range of digital print services and a white label photo product service for the B2B and B2B2C markets under the Mifoto Brand. Currently operational in the education, real estate and higher education sectors, we are actively seeking new partnerships to increase the joy of photo books in the UK



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Rachel Louise Brown - Multiple award winning and published photographer has worked and taught around the world with leading studios and publishers including British Vogue and The School of Visual Arts in New York. Rachel has just completed her Masters in Fine Art Photography.


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