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PhotonStar LED luminaires at RHS Chelsea

Press Release   •   Aug 21, 2012 10:34 BST

The LED lighting, supplied by PhotonStar is the new Cryos light fitting featuring tilt and 360 degree rotation. Cryos is now available with ChromaWhite technology to provide a quality of light that is closer to daylight and can change colour to emulate natural daylight. Read more about the health benefits of circadian lighting on our website. The installation features a fully working kitchen and beautiful living area and all set in a garden designed by award-winners Deakinlock. RHS Chelsea Flower show open from 22nd - 26th May 2012. If you have tickets then make sure you come and see this beautiful exhibition. Here are just some of the well-known faces who have visited us so far:

LEDs offer a brighter future

Mark Kinver, Environment reporter for BBC News, discusses the exciting future for the LED industry, following a field trial of LED light fittings in social housing showing that the new technology can deliver huge energy savings, reduce costs and make residents feel safer.

 Read the full report here

"We are at one of those rare times when there is a revolution, I think it is fair to say, within the lighting sector."

 "LEDs promise to be the way forward for the whole sector, to be honest. There are so many benefits: they can be smaller, brighter; it is one of those rare technologies where the trial has shown it performs better than the lighting systems it is replacing but, at the same time, using less energy."

 James Russill, Energy Saving Trust (EST) Technical Development Manager

Photon Star LED was founded in 2007

Our mission is to solve the cost problems and increase the efficiency of current LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for use in general residential and commercial lighting.

LEDs are the environmentally friendly, energy saving replacement technology for less efficient technologies, such as the light bulb and fluorescent tubes.

LEDs can last as long as 100,000 hrs and can be up to 20 times as efficient as ordinary light bulbs. Read more about this in the Solid State Lighting section of this website.

PhotonStar LED Ltd is a UK based solid state lighting designer and manufacturer. We use the latest manufacturing approaches coupled with cutting edge optical designs to produce the brightest and the most cost effective LED modules for use in general lighting.