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Pill for treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency!

Press Release   •   Jan 14, 2010 13:42 GMT

Bo Norberg, editorwww.rondellen.net/index_eng.htm

Tired of getting stung in your buttock every third month? Did you know that you could replace the intramuscular injection for vitamin B12 deficiency with a tablet once daily?


Like the injection therapy for vitamin B12 deficiency, the tablet therapy is based on historical comparison with more or less crude liver preparations. Each regimen restores the health of patients with vitamin B12 deficiency. So far, the clinical scientists have failed to create balanced comparisons between the two therapy modes (Editorial 29, Evaluation 29, Debate 29, Evaluation 28).


The Swedish experience with tablet therapy for vitamin B12 deficiency corresponds to approximately four million patient years (cf Editorial 28). Some experience is also found in a few other countries. A swapping from injections to tablets is expected to reduce the costs of health care and improve patient convenience.




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