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Platinum Marketing Global addresses Sports Strategies to be used in Business

Press release   •   Jul 30, 2018 12:17 BST

As a leading firm in the sales and marketing sector, Platinum Marketing Global’s CEO Patrick Anilus is eager to push the brand to maximize their success.

Platinum Marketing Global: About the firm

As an entrepreneur with a strong work ethic and interest in competitive sports, the business owner has drawn parallels between both industries, pinpointing sporting strategies that can be implemented within business.

Sports is an industry that is ingrained in American history. It’s actively encouraged within children - and is a hugely sought-after career trajectory. The sector alone is estimated to reach a value of $73.9 billion by 2019 (Forbes).

Mr Anilus has launched an investigation as a result of these findings, exploring aspects that can be learned from sporting strategies. He’s referenced those he believes to be valuable to entrepreneurs with varying levels of experience.

Playing to your strengths is a familiar sporting mantra, one that holds true within the world of business argues Mr Anilus. “As within competition, each team member must recognize their strengths, and use these to their advantage. Leading a team is similar, you must know where weaknesses and strengths lie in order to maximize success and bring value to the entire team,” commented the business owner.

Platinum Marketing Global is passionate about keeping feedback channels open, understanding that although leaders are the most common channel for constructive criticism, this can also come from customers and clients. Mr Anilus is eager to encourage the firm’s contractors through communicating this to all involved within the business, recognizing that this will ultimately breed success.

Visualizing success is the final element Platinum Marketing Global explore within the link between sports and business. The firm has referenced the New York Times that define visualization as having an essential role in elite sporting competitions, exploring how this can maximize success within business through meetings and presentations. Mr Anilus advises individuals to visualize the development and success of their projects, ultimately manifesting goal achievement.

Platinum Marketing Global is the Jacksonville-based marketing firm, the company is run by serial entrepreneur, Patrick Anilus. Mr Anilus has an active hand within the development of the business and individual’s, eager to progress the success of aspiring entrepreneurs. This latest statement on the link between competitive sports and business is designed to accelerate the success of the company's contractors.



Managing Director: Patrick Anilus

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