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Platinum Marketing Global lists five questions that will accelerate sales

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2018 13:27 GMT

Platinum Marketing Global is the Florida based sales and marketing firm with a strong focus on self-development. As such, the business is eager to provide their contractors with the tools to accelerate their professional lives. The company has detailed their top five questions each salesperson should be asking potential customers.

About the film:

Platinum Marketing Global recognize the importance of knowledgeable and enthused contractors, to represent brands efficiently, and ultimately, the company. As such, the firm is eager to encourage growth amongst their brand ambassadors, the task of which ensures each professional is continually developing their skills, knowledge and ability to follow through with sales. Platinum Marketing Global are eager to create an army of dynamic contractors that can sell their clients products effectively. As such, the company has detail five questions they believe each contractor should be asking to potential consumers.

What? The lexis ‘why’ is used by many contractors across many industries but has connotations of interrogation states Platinum Marketing Global. Instead, the firm suggests changing this to ‘what’, ultimately producing a more specific question, providing the opportunity to learn more about the potential customer.

Who makes the decisions? The company detail how this question is essential, but if asked directly can seem rude and often push a customer away. Instead, the firm advises asking such questions as “Who will use the product?” "Who else is involved in this process?"

May I show you? Platinum Marketing Global recognizes that potential customers may have been demonstrated many demos/relayed the same information before, as such the company advise asking this question. By merely asking the question provides the consumer with a sense of power over the situation.

What happens if you don’t? Asking this question helps to uncover a consumer's alternatives, are they getting a better deal elsewhere? Are they in need of the product? This will, in turn, help the brand ambassador to modify their sales technique to meet the needs of the customer ultimately.

Don’t ask questions: Platinum Marketing Global recognize that audiences can often adapt and change drastically, as such customers will always appear who do not respond well to issues at all. For individuals such as these, the firm advises making statements; “It seems you have a good reason for this product..” An observation tactic such as this will put the customer at ease while creating an atmosphere that makes them feel in control.

Platinum Marketing Global continually provides their contractors with self-development workshops and seminars to ensure they remain the most effective brand ambassadors within the state. The company understands that a company’s success ultimately lays within the energy, respect and enthusiasm put into those that represent the brand.


Managing Director: Patrick Anilus

Platinum specializes in face-to-face marketing solutions. We know that quality customer experience and client satisfaction go hand in hand. It is our goal to build loyal and lasting relationships between our clients and their customers and the most efficient way of achieving this is to bring products and services directly to the target market.