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Platinum Marketing Global put pressure on aspiring entrepreneurs to practice productivity hacks.

Press Release   •   Apr 10, 2018 12:19 BST

Jacksonville direct sales and marketing experts, Platinum Marketing Global, focus on achieving maximum productivity to produce phenomenal results continuously. The customer acquisition experts are putting pressure on aspiring entrepreneurs to practice productivity hacks to accelerate their personal and professional success.

Platinum Marketing Global: About the firm.

Platinum Marketing Global has a strong focus on education, and the firm is continually teaching their contractors’ ways to develop their skill sets, enhancing networking techniques and exposing them to industry conferences and events. The firm has recently turned their attention to productivity, helping individuals to boost their performance levels and enhance their workplace capabilities.

Employing time for time blocking is essential states the firm, particularly when business is booming with continual acquisitions of new clients. Making time to complete tasks is as critical as creating a to-do list states the company. Online calendars can be utilized in an ever-developing digital sphere, which can then be shared with co-workers and clients.

Prioritizing work is critical in freeing up time and ensuring tasks are completed. By taking on more significant tasks first, opens up opportunities for growth and development. By tackling these tasks first, it sets a precedent for the remainder of the day, enhancing motivation.

Learning to multitask efficiently is one of life's most essential skills, yet is often one that is overlooked. This consists of limiting specific areas in which you do multitask and only doing so when necessary. The human brain often flicks between tasks, so is rarely suited to multitasking.

Processes are invaluable explores Platinum Marketing Global; this can define things as being able to be repeated, documented and ultimately outsourced. By creating a set process for each task opens up the opportunity to outsource to virtual assistants, ultimately freeing up time.

A spokesperson for the firm explored the concept, stating "productivity is a number one focus here at Platinum Marketing Global, we are eager to enhance and improve this every way we can. Through our recent workshops, we believe our contractors are now well-equipped to make the most of their time."

The firm is eager to continue the development of their contractors by hosting regular workshops, events, and seminars designed to maximize their skill sets. The company is passionate about molding their contractors into successful entrepreneurs.



Managing Director: Patrick Anilus

The Platinum mission is to build effective campaigns that result in dedicated and long-lasting consumer loyalty. We pride ourselves on our client relations, with a wealth of knowledge behind us, we’re dedicated to the sales and marketing sector and portray a strong focus on constant growth.