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Platinum Marketing Global responds to Jacksonville’s ranking as Top City for Startup Businesses

Press Release   •   Apr 04, 2018 13:18 BST

Platinum Marketing Global is the Jacksonville based direct sales and marketing specialists that have recently run a study into their city, and its effect on the entrepreneurial sphere of the state.

Platinum Marketing Global: About the firm.

According to research by conducted in Q1 of 2018, Jacksonville has ranked as the best Floridian state for entrepreneurs seeking to start their businesses. An accolade of which Platinum Marketing Global are eagerly excited about and hopeful this will define the city’s entrepreneurial culture, inviting many more professionals into the environment. The company welcomes new industries into their city, expecting the economy to boom in coming years.

Platinum Marketing Global has a strong focus on their business development program, and they display a strong passion for creating the future industry leaders. As such, they are pleased to see the city’s landscape for startup businesses expanding, ranking as Florida’s most entrepreneurial city in a countrywide study. In reference to the accolade of the city, the Office of Economic Development CEO has released a statement, “Jacksonville has a young ecosystem that’s very welcoming to innovation and new business.”

The city boasts an annual festival that is focused on crowdfunding for entrepreneurs. The event is a five-day attraction that invites entrepreneurs, and innovators to display their business models across a vast array of industries. The hugely popular festival has gained extensive traction in recent years and is showing no signs of slowing.

Managing Director, Patrick Anilus discusses the subject of entrepreneurship in the city, “Jacksonville is proving its worth in the entrepreneurial landscape, in part down to the business-friendly climate and strong economic incentives we have her within the city. I’m excited for the next few years and the exciting new businesses establishing here.”

Platinum Marketing Global is eager to encourage growth and development throughout their business, through focusing on their effective strategies, brand representatives, and innovation. They pride themselves on their ability to create compelling direct marketing solutions for their clients and to consumers, appealing to all markets and demographics.



Managing Director: Patrick Anilus

The Platinum mission is to build effective campaigns that result in dedicated and long-lasting consumer loyalty. We pride ourselves on our client relations, with a wealth of knowledge behind us, we’re dedicated to the sales and marketing sector and portray a strong focus on constant growth.