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Platinum Marketing Global Seeks Specific Candidate Traits after Client Expansion

Press release   •   Mar 23, 2018 12:46 GMT

Jacksonville’s brightest direct sales and marketing firm, Platinum Marketing Global are excited about the development of the charity sector in their state. The expansion brings with it further opportunities for the firm, and their contractors to develop skills that can directly be applied to the nonprofit industry.

Platinum Marketing Global: About the firm

One of the company’s most significant clients are leading the way in the nonprofit industry across the US, and as such has recently expanded their $15 million Jacksonville center. As industry experts, the company is set to continue their charitable work and as such is looking to enhance their partnership with Platinum Marketing Global.

As such, Platinum Marketing Global is actively seeking professionals to expand with their business, and the firm is excited for the opportunity to create leadership roles for dynamic young contractors wishing to accelerate their experience within this sector.

Platinum Marketing Global is looking for individuals that can demonstrate a variety of skills and traits that lend well to the nonprofit sector. In preparation for their interview process, the firm has explored concepts they find to be most applicable and areas in which the company will provide knowledge.

Commercial awareness is essential in such an industry states Platinum Marketing Global, the ability to pinpoint techniques that will accelerate donations and convey the client’s mission. External factors can often dramatically affect the sector and should be monitored.

A strong communication base is essential in the sales and marketing sector, and is directly applicable to the nonprofit sector, in order to adequately convey the message of the client. An individual who can adapt well to a new environment in regards to clients, consumers and peers is a crucial ingredient of a brand representative that will succeed with Platinum Marketing Global states the firm.

Platinum Marketing Global are consistently looking for individuals who are seeking experience in the sales and marketing sector, providing them entry into their business development program exposing them to industry conferences, networking events and sector knowledge.

Platinum specializes in face-to-face marketing solutions. They understand that quality customer experience and client satisfaction go hand in hand. It is their goal to build loyal and lasting relationships between clients and customers, and the most efficient way of achieving this is to bring products and services directly to the target market.

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Managing Director: Patrick Anilus

The Platinum mission is to build effective campaigns that result in dedicated and long-lasting consumer loyalty. We pride ourselves on our client relations, with a wealth of knowledge behind us, we’re dedicated to the sales and marketing sector and portray a strong focus on constant growth.